I Heard You

After my first guest post* on why I don’t think Christians need Game** at Dalrock’s, the comment was made that I should get my own blog. As with most anonymous suggestions, it was very sweet.

One of the best things about it was that I got to find out I’m not a disciplined, or organized thinker. That’s a trap I fell into because, outside of blogs, I interact with people who are not even interested in thinking. And as a commenter on blogs, you’re not really punished for having incoherent streams of gobbledygook because one bit of flotsam hardly differs from another.

Writing a post for a blog with nearly 3 million hits–and being responded to–will bring this error more clearly into focus.

Just so they’re collected in one place, here are the links to various blog posts in response to that piece. They’re in no particular order except in how I remembered them.

The Left Half is the half I left off.
Alpha Game Plank in its own eye
UMan Defense Against the Dork Arts 1
UMan Defense Against the Dork Arts 2 (It takes two classes to understand how wrong I am)
Society of Amateur Gentlemen: Gollum Game
The Private Man’s Religion is Private, Man
Society of Phineas declines to deride me (much appreciated)

Update: Free Northerner Helps Stop the Gaps in my Logic

I invite everyone to read them, and the comments–which at last check were all well under 100–so this isn’t a huge task; unlike Dalrock’s blog.

In conclusion:

*I’m ridiculously grateful to Dalrock for that opportunity.

**Should, maybe, possibly be “I didn’t think…”

11 thoughts on “I Heard You

  1. Excellent, though I will say organized thinking can be overrated. I’m only slightly joking. With a blog, as opposed to actual journalism, you can meander your way into more detailed positions. Or you can take the route I often take and just stream of conscious your way around. The latter doesn’t produce a ton of hits though.

  2. I don’t have all the whiz-bangs set-up yet, but when I do, I’ll be adding you both to my blogroll, as well. Unless you object–which would be stupid of you because I represent literally ones of readers.

  3. How do you know it was 3 million hits? Was that at Dalrock?

    I have realised that I am not a systematic thinker too. I am somewhat emotional and intuitive. I think logically in small areas. I don’t have an overarching schema. In Isaiah Berlin’s terms, I am a fox not a hedgehog.

    (CC: Dalrock has a counter on his main page. 2.75M for the site; not my post.)

  4. Linked. Welcome to the first circle. You can decide if the reference is to Dante or Solzynitsyn.

    (CC: Can I borrow a poet?)

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