So You Want to Rule Me

Roissy says it this way: “Tingles are born in the defensive crouch.”, but that pales in comparison to scripture: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

During my dark days there were several women (all but one) who tried to validate their feelings for me–their desire to make me their husband–with their knowledge that I was an adulterer. It was always couched in a warning–for my benefit, you see. Yet they spread their legs to me without me even asking. Their mistake was born of conflict in their own minds; between wanting to believe that men slip into adultery, and knowing that men actually choose it. In my case, I was very deliberate about it; though it was the women who made themselves available to me.

They all knew I was married.

They all knew I was a father.

They all wanted to control me.

They all thought the way to do it was offer me their vaginas.

They all wanted me, but I ruled over them.

It’s not because I am a “natural”, or had tight Game. It’s because it’s an inescapable consequence of the Fall. Another part of that Fall is that, as a man, my misdeeds can have a profoundly corrosive effect. Recognizing this is part of being a man. And that’s all I am. I’m no longer an adulterer. I’m just a man who is waiting to be transformed by Christ, and trying to point others in a more profitable direction than the one I’ve take. I’m no gentleman. There is no way around the Want and the Rule, and only the Fall explains women’s hypergamy in overdrive.

And some natural alpha I am, who’s wife got fat, and who was repeatedly denied, and nagged. No matter how tight your Game is, marriage changes the relationship RADICALLY. You can’t Neg away the nag. You can’t Push-Pull the fat off. You can’t parlay Kino into sex with a rebellious wife.

I’m not saying Game writers don’t get it, or that they don’t say it–because they do. They see it, and most say it (and often!) as: DON’T GET MARRIED. And they’re right, in a sense, because marriage dispels the Game paradigm as light dispels dark. A big part of establishing your Frame, with Game, is the ability to move on. The Christian man does not have this option; emotionally, or spiritually. If she’s your first, as she should be, then for physical/biochemical reasons as well. If you do divorce, then you have to contemplate the fact that you can never marry another. He cannot hide in the dark once the light is shone on him. Again: the Bible, all of it, is meant for you.

Marriage is a big commitment; HUGE in this legal era of misandry and frivolous divorce theft. Some Game writers will tell you that you must practice marriage/LTR Game. First of all, LTR/marriage Game starts from the foundation that you can, and maybe should, divorce your wife. And if you look at their lives, that’s what they do for a living: they Game. This is either because LTR Game takes so much time, or as I say: because Game–as those men write about it–is more than a bag of discipline tricks that you reach into when the wife acts out. They go far beyond Negs, Push-Pull, Fitness Tests, Kino, dressing well, working out; which I’ve said I see no problem with. It’s when you start talking about establishing Frame where you have to choose Game or scripture. Game can give you a Frame, but to make it Impenetrable you have to submit to the Ring of Game, the Breaking Wheel.

The reason that I chose to divulge my whole story in the comments of the previous post was for a handful of men that have sent me emails. I want to clear the misconceptions away of the idea of “natural” Impenetrable Frame. You only get impenetrable when you decide what you believe, no matter what, no matter who is standing against you, or trying to win you over. Even though I have been a baptized believer since I was eight, I didn’t believe that the Bible was all meant for me; good for my instruction. I thought it, and I would say it, but I didn’t believe it. You have to submit to God’s Word. You have to submit to the idea and understanding* that scripture are Dark Sayings, (powerful) Things Heard and Known. You must rule yourself, and the only way to rule yourself is to submit to one belief system or another; to understand.*

No man can serve two masters.

*What do we mean when we say we stand under something?

7 thoughts on “So You Want to Rule Me

  1. Few things piss me off more than women who sleep with married men.

    I think you are right that the fatal flaw in Marriage Game is that it only works if you accept the Nuclear Option.

  2. I feel like Gabby about such women.

    This was a very moving post. It has taken me a while to comment because I was busy but also because I wasn’t sure exactly what I could say that would do it justice, or even if there was anything I could add that would be of substance.

  3. @DC

    I thought I left you a comment last night about your wife already being in submission to you, hence why your Negs could bear weight…away.

    I’m not sure what happened to it, but today’s was funnier, anyways.

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