5 thoughts on “The Blessing of Good Enemies

  1. Ahhh….but am I really your enemy? I disagreement on philosophy, religious doctrine or any other matter of debate does not automatically make one an enemy.

    Iron sharpeth iron.

    Besides actual combat experience, the warrior’s greatest training is the regular training and sparring with his compatriots.

  2. Very true. I am speaking of enemies within the arena of the manosphere, where we train and spar for the entertainment of the crowds, and each other.

    When we go out into the the physical and spiritual world, we are certainly allies, if not friends.

    This is actually of goal of mine, to make friends (I’ve met one already) and very much how I see the manosphere, and those blogs that surround it.

    For example: It is not the case that only feminists should influence who hires whom, and who fires whom, for their adherence or apostasy to the gods of humanism. To some degree we all fear being “outed” and losing our income because we have the wrong ideas. I want to counteract that with a more explicit referral service of our own.

  3. We have to work so hard to appreciate the deeper nuances of their crazy. If you were not a teetoteler I’d suggest re-reading it under the influence of alcohol.

    As women we see the psyche of men as through a wine glass, darkly..and with a pungent odor.

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