One thought on “Hate Bait

  1. Cane, the lack of response to this post is probably because the new page in reference, “What is the Red Pill?” appears incomplete. There is only an image of a painting depicting the fall of man, and no accompanying commentary offering an interpretative frame through which to understand the painting.
    Please add a commentary to this painting, much like you did under its sister page, “Who Is Cane Caldo?”. (Your commentary for the painting depicting Mars beating Cupid, was a very impressionable piece of work.) In the commentary, you could address the question posed, “What is the Red Pill?”, and connect it to the painting, such that people who don’t know, and are curious to find out, might find some information that would satisfy their interests in the subject. For an example, take a look at my own page, under the same name. But of course, you should put your own views and values on the topic.

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