Christmas in Chicago

Tonight, election night, I happen to be in Chicago. It’s like Christmas here. My hotel room is eighteen floors in the air, but that doesn’t stop the cheers and car horns. Maybe Christmas is a bad example. It’s probably more like New Year’s. People are so excited, and they have no idea for what reason, except their team won the big battle.¬†Personally, I didn’t even vote; thanks to Zippy Catholic.

After a while, I went downstairs to smoke a cigarette, and see who these folks are. Who is so enthused about the future now that Obama has won re-election? On the street was mostly college kids, whooping and hollering in the rain for Obama’s victory. Fantastic. The folks who don’t have the sense to get out of the rain won.¬†As I dragged on my Pall Mall, a man I don’t know, but about my age, walked by me. He shrugged, and said, “What are you going to do?” I shrugged back and silently doubled-down on my commitment to get Out Of Dodge. I don’t know how he knew I am not an Obama supporter, but for a moment I was glad.

I duly await to see the “right” and “conservative” headlines tomorrow urging us all the leave the US, because the most-important-election-ever has been lost. No? They won’t, you say? Well why the Hell not?