Christmas in Chicago

Tonight, election night, I happen to be in Chicago. It’s like Christmas here. My hotel room is eighteen floors in the air, but that doesn’t stop the cheers and car horns. Maybe Christmas is a bad example. It’s probably more like New Year’s. People are so excited, and they have no idea for what reason, except their team won the big battle. Personally, I didn’t even vote; thanks to Zippy Catholic.

After a while, I went downstairs to smoke a cigarette, and see who these folks are. Who is so enthused about the future now that Obama has won re-election? On the street was mostly college kids, whooping and hollering in the rain for Obama’s victory. Fantastic. The folks who don’t have the sense to get out of the rain won. As I dragged on my Pall Mall, a man I don’t know, but about my age, walked by me. He shrugged, and said, “What are you going to do?” I shrugged back and silently doubled-down on my commitment to get Out Of Dodge. I don’t know how he knew I am not an Obama supporter, but for a moment I was glad.

I duly await to see the “right” and “conservative” headlines tomorrow urging us all the leave the US, because the most-important-election-ever has been lost. No? They won’t, you say? Well why the Hell not?

9 thoughts on “Christmas in Chicago

  1. And seriously, you don’t know how that guy knew you weren’t an Obama supporter? Mitt took the white male vote 67% to the President’s 33%.

    He knew you were not an Obamabot for the same reasons people assume that I am. He looked at you, 🙂 .

  2. This nation deserve the consequences of the government they elect. And I don’t think there is one among us who feels that this nation doesn’t deserve to be judged. Harshly.

  3. Hi Cane! I responded to a comment of your’s on another blog

    “One doesn’t “make” sex a spiritual experience anymore than you “make” it a physical experience. It’s unavoidable. A human is mind, body, and spirit. You can no more leave your spirit out of it than you can leave your chest out of it.

    These people talking about making sex a spiritual experience (mostly women or their pets) are either confused, or lying. Most times, they are really talking about making it an emotionally focused experience. More particularly, such a woman has made a fetish out of a certain feeling, the way a man might make a fetish out of big boobs. ”

    I think I can give some insight on the above. Since immigrating here I hear a lot about this “sacred sexuality” and they, both men and women, are usually referring to either Tantra or Tao. Tantra is from my original culture and I can tell you that the West has bastardized it and what passes for Tantra here reflects nothing of its origins.

    I will say this though, the female capacity for orgasm, and multiple orgasm at that, and several different types of orgasms, is much greater than that of the male’s and I do think we experience something much more fantastical and out of this world than men do.

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