Then the Storm Passed

When I was a kid (pre-10), I wasn’t allowed to turn on the TV or get something to eat without asking. Most Saturday mornings, I would get up and ask Mom or Dad, and they’d say, “Sure.” Sometimes though, they would still be asleep, and I’d knock on their bedroom door. No answer. I could hear them rustling around in there, so I’d knock again–in case they hadn’t heard me, you see–and I’d throw in a plaintive, “Mooooom!”.

“BOY!”, Dad would thunder, “the house better be burnin’ down!”

Then I’d hear Mom giggle; which I thought was pretty rude seeing as how I’m getting in trouble for following directions.

I always wondered why Dad was so cranky on Saturdays. He’d slept all night, and he didn’t have to go to work!

Fun times, looking back…then I moved out and they divorced. I guess Dad finally got enough sleep.

6 thoughts on “Then the Storm Passed

  1. Well that was a sad start to the morning. I always assumed your parents were most likely “till death do us part” types.

    As usual, however, you are an excellent story teller.

    [CC: My father assumed the same thing. I actually did not. Story for another time. And thanks.]

  2. Well _that_ was thoroughly depressing. My parents actually split very late in my life. I was well into my thirties. They into their late fifties. It was stupid, not surprising, and both of their faults. They are good folks and hopefully late old age gives them some sense. Since both are religious there has been no divorce, they just live in different states.

  3. @GKC

    I started this post as the second part of my response to your comment last night about balancing co-sleeping with conjugal rights. Thinking of sleeping and parents and sex reminded me. My intention in the beginning read just like the story: I meant it to be funny. Then I thought about how it ended up and how it all ties back to this idea of putting the marriage bed (and all that it entails) first–or die.

  4. The divorce that occurred as I moved out was maybe number 4 or 5, I do not recall. There were 9 in total.
    Maybe this has something to do with both my own dysfunctions, and my passion about the stuff we talk about.
    This is a cool post, it rung some bells.

  5. @empath

    I know it has almost everything to do with my passion about these things.

    I’m glad it moved you. “Enjoyed” just doesn’t seem right. No homo.

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