24 thoughts on “Heroic Single Moms are Glamorous

  1. The effectiveness of “single mothers” goes in the following order

    1. Widows (don’t do a terrible job as residual attraction for their spouses causes them to elevate the husbands’ better traits while raising the kids to compensate for his absence)
    2. Actually dutiful wives who were abandoned (as rare as that is these days)
    3. Frivorcees
    4. Baby Mommas

    Note that once we get to option 4, being raised by a pack of feral wolves is equally preferable.

  2. @TKI

    Note that once we get to option 4, being raised by a pack of feral wolves is equally preferable.

    If you go to the full Vimeo site, the director says: “Raised by a pack of cyber wolves and Amazonian concubines, Kennedy is forever in our hearts. This music video is a gift from me to him.”

    Chances are: The speaker in the video (from Thousand Oaks, CA) is also the kid.

  3. @Joanna

    The last 30 seconds of the video are the most poignant. Obviously, not everything is good for everyone’s consumption, so feel free to avoid it.

  4. I couldn’t finish watching. That was weird.

    I felt the exact same way, Jo. Maybe I’ll try again to make it to the end.

    That, and I wondered how you people find this stuff, Cane.

  5. @Elspeth

    That, and I wondered how you people find this stuff, Cane.

    I’m privy to a special listserv that tracks all Manosphere themes as they occur in pop culture.

    Ok, ok… This song is the same artist (Kennedy) who wrote the song I linked to (Karate) in the previous post. I found that from this ad for Dollarshaveclub.com

  6. Yeah couldn’t make it through the video. Did watch the last :30 based on your comment. Ugh.

  7. @Dalrock

    The music is painful, but the message is dead on.

    Ha! I would argue that you used the wrong conjunction there. The music and the video match the message.

    Painful: I particularly appreciate the dance-floor appearing under the kid in the last seconds of the video; a foreshadowing of his future, based on what he’s learned at his mother’s apron strings.

    Ridiculous: The dream guy is a super-wealthy teacher; a blue-stater’s version of the hunky handyman who is a secret millionaire.

    Superficial: The women are just there for a good time. This music epitomizes a good time. It’s dance-y, a bit scandalous, frivolously discussing a real problem. The chorus the muses sing in the middle (“When heaven lends a helping hand; the helping hand of a dirty old man.”) is perfect.

    This is art.

  8. You are commenting when you could be writing posts. Just sayin’. Man up and write already.

  9. Since I’m here, seriously did you used to go under a different name? I just noticed you had a blog and was wondering if I’d already read you in comments.

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