On Second Thought

In my family’s future there is a large, insulated, plumbed, and air conditioned garage that we’ve built. We will build it because we need a place to live while we spend a year or two building the actual house. When we move into the actual house, the garage will still be there, it will still serve an important purpose, and it will be a better garage than most others have.

Today, for some reason, after I posted my post “New Blog”, I had a series of hits from unusual areas. There were some from pingbacks on others’ old posts, and a couple from outside the normal sites that I’m aware of, or with which I have little contact, i.e., non-Manosphere sites. And if I ever do need to smack down a particular straw man, it would be a shame to have to drive traffic away from the new site to reference the old because I had already tackled that subject.

I have to count some costs on this tower, but there is no question this blog needs to grow in a totally new direction: more Tacomaster, less Thankful Husband. Perhaps I got a bit jumpy today.

Suggestions from the crowd are welcome. “Wisdom in the counsel of many”, and all that…

6 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  1. And for those that don’t track the rapidly changing pseudonyms…does that mean Tacomaster is you?

  2. @GKC

    “does that mean Tacomaster is you?”

    No. I wrote a post about Tacomaster, and another recently about a guy named Thankful Husband. The post to Tacomaster was encouraging; the one to Thankful Husband was not. I have never changed my pseudonym since my first comment in the Manosphere, or posted under another. I am not going to change that either. The only possible exception I would make to that rule is if I ever started posting under my legal name.

    From your comment on “New Blog”:

    “Per your later posting, isn’t it moving furniture? I mean it is a nifty cool name and all and the URL is your nome de plum…so what if your first posts are about Game? Just write different stuff. I came here for the stories after all and the first postings on Genesis which I thought were quite good.”

    It’s not that my posts were about Game as much as many of them are anti-Game. I think I just won’t use the term in the future. There’s too much baggage with it. Sometimes people mean picking up girls. Sometimes they mean truth-seeking. Sometimes they mean truth itself. Sometimes they mean the truth specifically about women, Sometimes they mean all of them, or different definitions at different times from the same person. “Pardon me: I speak Jive”, but the fact is that Jive is an ignorant dialect that largely serves to keep Jive-speakers in the ghetto.

    The Game definition that is most comprehensive of everyone is a system of thought that explains the truth of female nature. Except, a good chunk of the espoused truths are based on fantasy, errant thinking, and just plain wrong. And where it’s not wrong it’s ignored, or leads some number of men to hopelessness. That’s what drives men like Thankful Husband to distraction. He can’t hear the correct parts because he see causation instead of correlation. He’s not the bellwether for truth any more than the cheering section of Hell on earth is, but at some point you have to ask whether your words are inspiring, or defeating.

    What stories are you referring to?

    The Genesis postings were definitely going to be kept and expanded upon. What’s frustrating about those posts is that not many men commented on them, but I really thought I was getting to the heart of some issues in them. And, largely, men didn’t respond. I don’t know if they didn’t get the implications, or if it was just boring to them. I can affect the first issue, but I have no control over the second.

    Sometimes I think there is an inverse correlation between the usefulness, and the desire. When you’re a kid, your dad (if you were lucky enough to have one around and involved) drags you around and makes you do all this stupid stuff that kids think is pointless; like why you need to know how an engine works when mechanics are cheap; why you wear a tie; why most girls like football players but not mathletes. And that’s what we’re writing about here: Things Dad should say. Those things often don’t really make sense until years later. So many men here just aren’t going to stick through a post that is not reinforcement of their already held views; for the simple fact that I can’t make them because I’m not their father.

  3. Comments are often about disagreements. If the men agreed they may have not posted. I wouldn’t take lack of comments as an indicator. I’d argue that Social Pathologist is more influential in the ‘sphere than his comments indicate. I try to make a point of posting here and there so that the _count_ of comments goes up even though I don’t often feel like commenting.

    As to the stories, I mean like you running up the stairs story and winning even though you are a smoker. I mean the story about making pancakes. I mean the story about saying good morning to the old woman. That is, I think, where your strength lies. You are a great story teller and a passable essayist (often very good content in need of an editor when you do essays).

    Actually, if you’re going wild for advice, there might be some merit in you and Cail teaming up as he doesn’t post frequently either but I tend to think of him as close to your style and temperament.

  4. I agree with GKC on reading vs writing comments. I enjoyed those posts. I also like the stories, which is not surprising because the few times I have attempted to write in a story format Ive enjoyed that writing more than the fast exposition that is the norm.

    Men like tacomaster, like TH, and like Joe of Jackson, show, all in very different ways, a specific set of needs men in the sphere have. Somewhere in between strong rebuke, redirect, and gentle explanation is a sweet spot that may well be reached best through anecdotes sprinkled with principles.

    Just don’t write in haiku, anything but haiku.

  5. Did not have time to respond to your last post about starting a new one. Glad you had second thoughts. No need to start over, just keep going.

    My blog is 6+ years old. From time to time, I go and read my older stuff. Some of it certainly makes me cringe….

    …but it also tracks an evolution in my thinking and writing.

    IMHO, just keep blogging here, and I’ll second empath’s sentiment: keep the haiku to a minimum! lolzolz

  6. From time to time, I go and read my older stuff. Some of it certainly makes me cringe…

    I’ve had the same experience.

    I’m glad you’re staying here, Cane.

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