A Refresher on the Basics: There Are No Ugly Truths

To some of you: some of the terms in this post will be as food that has been sacrificed to idols. Consider yourself warned, and partake according to the strength of your faith.


Women want dick, and that is AWESOME, because we have them. Not only is it awesome, but it’s good–physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. To whatever extent a woman does not want dick, she is weak and infirm in one of those categories. If you think, “Mothers/sisters/daughters/grandma don’t.”: You’re lying to yourself. Women’s desire for dick is so good that God doesn’t say the creation of man is good until God makes someone who wants Adam’s dick–a woman. When Adam was presented with Eve, he didn’t ask God:

“Oh, hey there, hold up a second…what is this for? She seems…incomplete…and slightly perforated.”

No. Adam said:

“This at last is bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called Woman,
because she was taken out of Man.”

Let me translate that:

Finally! This one is for me, and I’m going back in there to get what’s mine!”

If you believe that women are inherently inert in their feelings towards wang, it’s because nearly everyone around you believes this same untruth. Others spend an incredible amount of time convincing you that sex is at best a necessary evil. The reasons for this are various, and I will write about those later. Here are the basics: God invented sex. God made dicks, and pussies, and called them good. They were made to be, and are, holy.

The key aspect of sex that the liars trade on to convince us that sex is merely a necessary evil is that it’s tremendously intimate and private. Understand: Intimacy and privacy are the signs of holiness; not evil. We do it in privacy (in darkness to others) because sex is God’s country. It’s an original holy place. We don’t keep our sexual unions hidden from others because we’re trying not to infect them with our wickedness, but because only we are sanctified to partake in our goodness. A sexual union is a very exclusive club; filled with riches and delights for its members. Marriage is the membership card.

The sexual landscape isn’t pick-up artist territory, and it isn’t a weapon used to control civilizations, or push women off the pedestal–though those things can certainly happen, and sometimes even need to happen. Sex, and dicks and pussies aren’t neutral tools to be repurposed for this use, or that use. Their uses are self-explanatory. They only do two things. One is sex, and from the consummation of sex all sorts of things can grow: love, children, civilizations, pleasure…the things that make human life worth living.

Some of you recognize that women were made for dick, but don’t actually think it’s women’s business to want it. The beautiful truth is: She was made for that, and much more…it does start there, though. You don’t even have to get her to desire dick: She was made that way. Nuns do not lack a desire for dick: They offer up their unfulfilled desire as a sacrifice, and for the instruction of their faith. Without that good desire for dick, their spiritual growth would be harder to spur.

Some of you think that a woman’s desire for dick shouldn’t start until she’s married–when that is the very impetus for her to GET married. The truth is that it’s not yet her business to realize how good cock is until she’s married, but that’s a very different thing. Like marriage, we say prayers before we eat (or you should, slacker) because we realize that sustenance is a blessing from God, but we eat because we’re hungry.

Others think women’s desire for dick makes them dirty, just like you. If you know the truth that dick is good, and a woman’s desire for dick is good, then you should know that a woman’s longing for your loins means she is compelled (often ignorantly) to be your holy dick’s holy sanctuary; as God made her to be. Now, if you bring filth into your sanctuary that’s your problem; not sex’s, not marriage’s, and definitely not God’s. That’s a different post.

Some of the liars will say they know that cocks and muffs are good things from God, but I can tell from their comments that they don’t really because they are angry about the pure desire for dick. They want something “more”. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Why doesn’t she appreciate me for who I am?”, check your pants, because the whereabouts of your cock are unsure. She has nothing “more” to give you if she doesn’t love you for your dick. It starts there.

Many of you don’t want to say dicks and pussies are fundamentally good because you don’t want to believe the the truth because it’s inconvenient to your worldview. If we say they are neutral, then we can use them for whatever we’d like and no one can judge. It’s better to such folks to look at their past actions and present plans and not consider how exactly they are fucking up the fucking program. Look: If you can’t admit that you’re full of lies, then at least have the balls to call them what they are: Ugly lies. Because we know the truth is beautiful. There are no ugly truths.

Finally, I said above that dicks and pussies do two things, but I only expounded upon one. The other thing dicks and pussies do is expel waste. This is anything you do with dicks and pussies that is not sex within the confines of marriage; sex that is not holy.

Sometimes things grow from waste. Regardless: If you piss where you’re supposed to eat–where you consum-mate–just because you can, then at best you’re an idiot. More likely you’re purposefully evil. This is where a lot of people are, and where everyone has been. They think they are fooling people when they say their non-marital sex is meant in love, or respect, or “just fun” because there’s some emotional component to the act. The truth is  that such people just like to shit on each other, or are willing to put up with excreting upon, and being excreted upon, so that they can get some feeling, or some other resource.

I would have started my blog there–at Women Like Dick–before, but I didn’t connect that many of you don’t really believe that women like dick, and that this is GOOD.

This is, I think, the source of the quandary of the “natural alpha”, and his inability to see the problem, but I’ll let you decide what names you want to give me. Regardless, you’ll just have to give me a break. because, look: When was the last time you really pondered if men and women both like to eat? Our taste-buds (hypergamy/koreogamy) tell us what we’re eating, but a starving person eats what is before her. The concerns of her particular palate can be learned, and satisfied, and surprised later; once you’ve got one.

29 thoughts on “A Refresher on the Basics: There Are No Ugly Truths

  1. @SSM

    I was wondering when, and hoping, someone would say that. It’s a fair assessment, but I don’t think such an assessment is the end of the matter. In this post I’m just establishing the beginning. Many men really just will not accept this magnificent fact about women. Because of this, they teach their women (who WILL follow) that their own dicks are nothing to be excited about.

    Women are souls too, and so will bring in their own preconceptions, but she has no incentive to correct her misconceptions if he has the same ones.

  2. Great post and yeah the very truth. Women love dick. It is the media and our grandmother that tries to make women seem chaste and grantedgranted let them be. Once they get behind those doors haha….i will let you finish that imagination. They don`t merely love it, they crave it. So if they love it because it is a pleasure, then you must learn how to use that dick. Master yourself.

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  4. While I agree with the theme this curmudgeon isn’t happy about the style. It limits who I can point here.

  5. @GKC

    My friend, I thought you would feel that way. As I said at the beginning: To some people this will seem as food sacrificed to idols.

    What I want to know is: Of the theme, to what do you disagree?

  6. Excellent post, Cane.

    And, when it comes to Male-Female relationships, a Woman that loves her Man’s cock will follow him over a cliff. It’s that Power over the female mind that drives much of the “Women are Pure & Chaste” stuff. So, this post is a great way to start.

  7. You didn’t really deal with the obvious begged question here tho…

    Does she love dick *in general?*
    Or does she love YOUR dick?

    …Because that’s what every man that wants monogamy wants to know. And to men it makes a huge difference, whether it “should” or not.

  8. @LG

    Thanks! Just to be clear: A woman’s desire for a husband and his dick are pure and chaste. That we don’t agree is just more proof of how the people GKChesterton is shy of pointing here, badly need to hear it. They don’t really believe it. Nothing I’ve said could be considered even remotely pornographic, but they like to be offended.


    The short answer is: That’s not the topic of the posts, and so the question isn’t begged.

    The long answer is: I understand why this seems an obvious question, and I do expect more of it. And, yes, it matters hugely whether a woman just wants dick in general, or yours specifically. One step at a time. This is the general step.

  9. Thank God, someone finally said it! I had long suspected that was true and believe this to be the confirmation. Good post, Cane, I enjoy the new direction your blog has taken.

  10. I don’t disagree with the theme, but sometimes some salt is needed. Too much of course and you end up drinking sea water. Too little and its bland. I think you added a bit too much. I’m also not as keen on your disagreement with the Latinate “penis” though I am of the mind that Tolkien, of “Bag End” vs. “Cul de Sac” fame would likely approve of your tendency towards Anglo-Saxon over Latin.

  11. @GKC

    Too salty? I wasn’t seasoning; rather the opposite! To wit:

    “I’m also not as keen on your disagreement with the Latinate “penis” though I am of the mind that Tolkien, of “Bag End” vs. “Cul de Sac” fame would likely approve of your tendency towards Anglo-Saxon over Latin.

    Ha! Yes, I would like to be seen as a hobbit talking to other hobbits. The next post is probably going to be a continuation of how we lost control of the conversation, and how evil uses that to disarm us; specifically regarding sex, but you can see the same pattern in nearly every social arena.

    I value your input highly. Don’t be sparing. Sock it to me!

  12. Can’t much right now. I’ve been fighting a war at work for the better part of the year and the last few weeks have been a series of crushing defeats punctuated by spare victories. If I survive until the new fiscal quarter which starts soon I’ll have a bit more time. Till then I have my core duties to worry about.

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  15. It starts there.
    Yes. I’ve been trying to get this basic fact through many dense skulls for a very long time: Sex is the beginning of intimacy, not the end. So many insist on arguing over paint colors before even laying a foundation, and wonder why things never come together.

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  18. SSM wrote:

    “Unfortunately, many women apparently don’t want the dick they married.”

    Cane, you really need to provide an answer for this one. It would be of major assistance to people; the clarification would provide a good framework for folks.

  19. Right. I guess I am asking, “Why don’t they want it, if they were made for it, if it is good, not evil, etc?”

    “They,” here, meaning *some*, I guess.

    This not wanting it on the part of so many seems to be a huge problem in marriages today. It is the reason many of us find our way to pages like this. So, that’s my main concern.

    [Also, in your answer to SSM, you said that you were only beginning. I am hoping you are going to provide more–a more comprehensive perspective.]

  20. @FM

    “Why don’t they want it, if they were made for it, if it is good, not evil, etc?”

    That depends on the particular woman and what choices she’s made. It’s a popular belief that we can’t change our desires, but that is not the truth. Desires are organic things; not elemental things that do not change, nor reasonable things that can be changed with a simple decision. By organic I mean they can be cultivated, wild, or killed by a series of decisions, the environment, etc.

    This not wanting it on the part of so many seems to be a huge problem in marriages today. It is the reason many of us find our way to pages like this. So, that’s my main concern.

    Ultimately, every wife must choose for herself. That being said: She’s a follower, and her choice isn’t “Like my husband”, or “Not like my husband”, but “Do like this person does”, or” Do like that person does.” That gives those around wives a means of influence.

  21. That’s an important way of thinking about the problem too. She is a thing. That thing is a follower. She can be a good or bad one but not change the thing. Bad ones abandon their leaders. Bad leaders make that easier but do not remove the fault of failing to follow.

  22. Yes, I could see how this following ethos is important. How to shape it? How to lead or act to leave, as it were, the negative imprint in the woman that makes her follow, and in the right way?

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