Your Heart is Wicked and Not to be Trusted

I keep meaning to post this video with some of my overly-muscular commentary, but then forgetting. Just watch it. It’s better than my words anyway.

10 thoughts on “Your Heart is Wicked and Not to be Trusted

  1. If the heart is the seat of emotions and not reason or judgment. I believe than that is correct our feelings should not be trustes and not because they are wicked but rather most often, misguided. Which in turns creates evil.

  2. Such a good theme…but tagged with the evangelical hatred of “philosophy” via “Greco-Roman myth”. Whenever he says that I hear a tin bell.

  3. And, pedantic mode on so the women can leave the room, “romantic love” was a development of the mostly German West. The Greeks were much more skeptical of Cupid’s arrows calling it “love/divine madness” and viewed it as having a strong potential for emasculating men.

  4. I will see your pedantic and raise with my cynic mode. The message is of course sound. But I hear that message preached by the most churchian and churchains, just like Vodie preaches it. There is something in there, maybe its that the examples usually involve men caring for ill or disabled women over decades, there is something that does not speak to women. It fails to connect or to convince. The sub message about moving along until you find an equally yoked man somehow contributes to the spiritual superiority of women after marriage. Women suddenly have what they think is a spiritual growth spurt, which is actually just them steeping themselves in church trappings and task lists. Then (seen it at CF) they begin to bemoan that they are not equally yoked, and how can they get the husband to come along because he isnt doing this and that.

    But on the love part, Ive seen women somehow proclaim the message he gave precisely while filing a frivolous divorce. I’ve no idea how to re frame what is a straightforward message to make it stick. But this one doesnt stick

  5. @Empath

    This message is difficult for some men to here, but it aligns very well with Men’s Sphere themes. He’s sticking here very strictly to the Ephesians 5 models.

    It fails to connect or to convince.

    Convince of what?

    The sub message about moving along until you find an equally yoked man somehow contributes to the spiritual superiority of women after marriage.

    Can you expound on this?

  6. yes i can.It fails to convince women that the love he is endorsing is the better, while the love that is temporary is not a place of stability. he says the right words. I am on about how those are heard and processed. Its no flaw or omission of his, its decades of push button meaning benders, hamsters, so forth that allow women to hear just another way she can show her man how to get it right.
    When he says move along past them until you find the right one, look to be equally yoked, he preaches truth. That could also be exploited in a way where women sense that because they need to marry a Christian man, that must mean he does all the same things she does, and that if he doesn’t then they are not equally yoked, She becomes spiritual leader because she will always be ahead on the task list

  7. I think the message on love is good, and if women twist that, let them damn themselves. You are right though that the yoking snippet is off. Men have to grow…while women are all growed up and just have to chose rightly. That’s wrong not because men _do_ have to grow up but because it assumes a spiritual superiority of women. Which of course is stupid.

    That being said it is a darned sight better than many sermons and the man deserve some congratulations for it.

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