15 thoughts on “The How To Status of Modern Men and Women

  1. I hadn’t questioned what kind of questions we ask in our modern age in a long time. What do those questions say about us?

    Oh what chaos will spawn when modernity finds its answers…. dissatisfying.

  2. Hey, I got different results! Mine were:

    How to tie a tie.
    How to take a screenshot on a mac.
    How to jump a car.
    How to make out.

    I took a screenshot of it, but first I had to click on “how to take a screenshot on a mac”. 🙂

    It’s a bit startling that so many people are typing in “How to make out”.

  3. Huh, I just read that Dalrock post you linked to. Somehow I’d never read that one before, so thanks for pointing it out, it’s a good one. I wrote about something like this awhile back, about feminism making women so crass and foul-mouthed all the time. It’s sad.

  4. @Chad

    Today I don’t quite agree with what I wrote yesterday. I’ll write a new post later today, if I have the chance.


    Your comment prompted me to remember what I was trying to find. Yesterday I decided to switch from Firefox, but in Safari “command + enter” doesn’t auto-fill the “www.” and “.com”. I was looking for the equivalent shortcut.

    Depending on your browser, settings, and history you might get targeted results based on previous searches. I got those results with a relatively unused browser. Then–to be sure the results were not being influenced by me–I went into “Private” mode, and did the search again to take the screenshot.

    It would be interesting to see what results others get.

  5. I wonder if all our dog training searches and video links influenced the “get rid of fleas” result. LOL

  6. I do not know if i am misreading or clearly do not understand. I am beginning to notice the real issue is in the definition of terms and their characteristics. For instance, a “beta or nice guy” follows rules…and an “alpha” don’t. Hahahaahaha…where is the logic in any of that. A real man or alpha establishes authority hence, why he is able and finds it worth his time to bring order and rulership to a female, relationship or social setting. The irony being that a man who has self control is the only one who becomes qualified and has the understanding to bring orders to others. A “beta or excessive nice guy.” Is a male who does not establish authority or rulership but follows anything even if not prevented what is immoral. Why? Because betas need constant guidance and leadership. Men have the gift of authority and sovereignty that innately comes with wisdom, knowledge, integrity(firm mental foundation)and lastly confidence in oneself. This is an alpha and one is lead into that position most often by a good stout father, that America now lacks. Alpha mentality very seldom has anything to do with women or dominance but the leadership, rulership, and creation of abundance in a man’s life. And because he becomes the source of abundance as a god to his children he can create order, protection, security to his people or whoever comes his way. A complex topic but a deep desire in every boy.

    Lastly, nature is not mocked and the perverseness of this all, is to achieve a true alpha male mentality one must face life, fearlessly learning the lessons of life. Thinking through his problems, learning to control his emotions, and most definitely learning the difference between truth and falsehood so he can then judge rightly. No “how to” game, body language can give you a shortcut, just turning your back on the masses and deciding to become a man. That is an alpha, who can create peqce and create war, love and correct, defend or forsake, live and die. Fight in slavery or inspire freedom. All things being what they call him for while holding himself true and not found effeminate or made soft by excessive luxuries and vanities.

    Until then brothers.

  7. Tie, get pregnant, fix anything, French kiss…

    It is possible I need to watch my daughter more bit the history is all clean.

  8. @GJchesterton, clearing history is not enough.

    Most modern browsers including Chrome and Firefox collect information about you, even if it is general information whether you are a man or woman, and they tailor search results and ads accordingly.

    There was actually an uproar a little while back, because they found Google tailored search results/suggestions according to race. It is possible someone in your household searched for those things or it can also be they simply collected information that a woman was using the computer and put up suggested search suggestions for women.

    Once on a new browser I went to biblegateway.com and the following week all I had were Christian Singles ads. Kind of funny.

  9. How to search how to


    I also hadn’t read that Dalrock post, then I followed back to an old post here and I comment I had made and forgotten. Sept 2012, must have been the intersection of our posting, or close to it. It was Spring of 2013 when we intersected near downtown.

    I wish I had more time to be a historian.

    How to make out? I’m not surprised really. After reading lit-rah-chuh to baby boy’s testicles, couples must have no idea how to make out.

  10. I got “how to build a wisteria arch” and “how to ride a fox trotter”. I’ve been found out.

    I am not sure if I’m amused or disturbed. I avoid looking up anything about housewives or horses – the results are generally horrifying.

  11. Steve Sailer has done this kind of thing a lot, but especially in identifying if someone is homosexual. It’s Google gaydar. Type in “Is So-and-so” and if “gay” comes up near the top, a lot of people are suspecting it.

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  13. Warning lots of vulgar language ahead.

    A post in the “redpill” subreddit showing non-marital sex leading to the rise of the so called “carousel”. Cue the hamstering of males: “We are the cock carousel, indeed. But changing that isn’t up to us, because we don’t have that power. Only women have that power.”

    That’s where the fruit of so called redpill leads. Powerlessness indeed.


    And while the poster himself is engaging in this, he points out the faults of those claiming to have a moral highground but trying very hard to do the same thing: “I am the cock carousel pathetic betas bitch about and the cock carousel that so many readers of this sub aspire to become. The fact that you find the same people bitching about the CC while trying to spin plates and fuck bitches just indicates the massive hamster that continues to infect betas as they try to swallow TRP. If you want to sleep with a lot of girls, you want to be the cock carousel.”

    That is the irony of those chasing the redpill. They abhor the current state of affairs all while trying to teach the very thoughts, actions and ideologies that help strengthen the current state of affairs.

  14. Trying to tie a bow tie the first time is a trip, and about a half hour of cursing at youtube.

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