How Dare You Associate Me With Them

Advertisers are the evil geniuses of our times, and Dalrock has a great sample of it on his site. I strongly encourage you to head over there and check it out. Talking to the choir here since 75% of my traffic comes from him.

The progression is pitch-perfect. The first montage starts out with a woman saying sorry for being rude (interrupting the presenter; possibly her boss) then it’s women saying sorry for non-offenses. By the end of it they’re saying sorry for offenses against them: crossed-leg in her space, stolen blankets, etc.

In the second, shiny and strong montage they’re not eschewing “sorry”, but the first woman outright challenges the presenter/boss. They they begin to offend, and finally they get to the pay-dirt: “Sorry I’m not sorry.”

The overt message is “Don’t say sorry and have pretty hair”, but the real communication focused on building brand loyalty: “Girl, this is Pantene, and I just wanted to tell you it was awesome when you told him to fuck off. Stay strong! So blessed!” Obviously that is done to sell hair products, but it’s important for fathers and husbands to understand how this is done.

If you try to tell a wife who likes that commercial that the message is “Don’t say sorry and have pretty hair.” she’ll hear you saying she’s an idiot because that’s not the message she heard. She heard the dog whistle about their support of her. But if you say, “Check out how they are appealing to women’s sin nature by communicating their support for you to fight with me. Do you support that? On what grounds do you think it’s a good idea to buy Pantene and tell them that their campaign to cause strife in marriage is acceptable?”

Nobody–Christian or otherwise–wants to be associated with sin nature. They’ll call sin anything else instead of sin. You put sin in her face like that and there’s an excellent chance she’ll automatically back off from Pantene and its message. Even if she still gets mad at you she will do so on the basis of How Dare You Associate Me With Them. Unless your wife or daughter just hates your guts, hates her own guts, and is truly and utterly miserable: She really does not want to be that person.

If she does get mad at you (highly likely), that would be the time to say, “Should I do that to you? How about I stop being considerate. Maybe Pantene’s onto something: From now on, no more consideration.” Then abandon the TV for a bit. Later that night, while she’s watching a show, change the channel and say, “Sorry I’m not sorry. Your hair looks great, by the way.”

I recommend smiling through the whole ordeal. You’re on the side of truth, and you’re fighting for your woman’s soul. You have every reason to fight joyfully. Honest to God: I can’t help but laugh at those times. It’s just ridiculous when you think about it.

4 thoughts on “How Dare You Associate Me With Them

  1. To me this is one of the most difficult things to do, but it has been improving.

    Basically, you need to have God so ingrained in your mind that you initially take anything that happens whether it’s a movie, commercial, someone saying something, etc and reframe it immediately to a spiritual lens of what God says.

    Even with the “Red Pill” or seeing what human nature is it’s very difficult to identify what is good and what is evil considering that dalrock, you, and others seem to be coming up with new epiphanies about how much our secular culture is ingrained in us.

  2. My wife hates to watch a movie with me in the room because I deconstruct from a biblical view point almost non-stop. She just wants to enjoy the show. My experience with women in general is the same. They usually don’t want to hear the results of a transition to a biblical context.

  3. I watched the video over at Dalrock’s. I wish all companies and people were as upfront about where they stand as Pantene was.

    Critical thinking isn’t exactly our strong suit any longer, whether by choice to not see what we don’t want to see, or because we simply aren’t capable of it. The open blaringness of the message- I hate the message, but love that they put it right in your face. Makes pointing it out to others that much easier.

    Companies and politicians and preachers on truth serum… what I wouldn’t give for a day of that.

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