Resettlement Chronicles I: Away for Awhile

We moved today and my Internet service won’t be installed until next Monday. I don’t like my phone enough to post and moderate from it so I’ve set comments to moderation until I’m alive in the web again.

It’s dark here, and I just killed a mosquito a half- inch in length; not including the syphon.

4 thoughts on “Resettlement Chronicles I: Away for Awhile

  1. I have the same problem as wheelmonkey and tacomaster, however I have been married 19 years. My wife was a strong feminist before marriage and after and we are now born again christians of 10+ years.

    Through counseling my wife was diagnosed with hypervigilant personality. I think narcissistic might be put in there, but not sure. We also tried neuthetic (sp) counseling with a great teacher of the word, and he likened denying sex with me like denying my son food when he is hungry. This woke her up quickly….. for about 2 months.

    She rejects me occasionally (it use to be nightly for years, but I do not initiate nightly anymore), but more than that, she never and I do mean never (not exagerating) makes herself available, never reciprocates, and her response to rubbing her back to initiate is mostly “that feels good”. Occasionally she will put her hand on my leg when I rub her back. She never initiates.

    She says I am not being loving. We read Love and Respect. She does not respect me. I think that is obvious.

    My issue is that she is hypersensitive about anything. Example would be if I’m late getting out the door to work and rush down the stairs, declare I’m late and grab my keys, kiss her with a hug and an “I love you”, she’ll say that I was being unloving.

    Everything is either loving or unloving… there is absolutely no middle ground, and since she is hypervigilant she is on guard to almost everything to judge what is loving and unloving. Forget to take trash out? Unloving. Ask her to get oil changed again (2 times in 3 weeks)? Unloving. Should I get the oil changed? Yes, but she says she’ll do it. She does not like being held accountable to anything (again no exageration). I would not let her open an office (we are both chiropractors) because she has a hard time committing. She was and is a stay at home mom, which she loves now. She never practiced and felt like she needed to make money, but I’ve always provided a great living for us, and she claimed I accused her of not making money for her student loans etc. ( I have never ever uttered a word about paying her student loan 150k).

    Anyway her mom said if she didn’t make enough to cover office rent, she would step in. Well a few months later she couldn’t make rent, so I suggested she call her mom…. BLASPHEMIE!!! How dare I suggest her mother pay… This is an easy example, but it’s on many things.

    She follows the concept of if I’m more loving, there will be more sex. But she gets to decide what is and isn’t loving and how long I’ve been loving without a hiccup, ie. unloving in her mind.

    Find me a current author who doesn’t say sex starts in the kitchen… by that they mean kindness, understanding Peter 3:1-2. I get that, but she’s hyper sensitive. I’ll listen to her when she needs to talk about the kids, her mom etc., and she’ll thank me for listening then reject me that night… I’m going out of my mind.

  2. Cane I remember your post on a song called Dark Horse by Katy Perry,

    “This morning reported, Christian hip-hop musicians from St. Louis and elsewhere sued pop singer Katy Perry, Capitol Records and others in federal court here Tuesday, claiming that Perry’s song “Dark Horse” ripped off their 2008 song. The suit says that Perry and her co-writers infringed the copyright of the Christian song “Joyful Noise” and have exploited and profited from its use.

    It also says that “Joyful Noise” has been “irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in ‘Dark Horse’.”

    “Joyful Noise” was written in 2007 and released in 2008. The song received a 2008 Gospel Music Association Dove Award nomination for the best rap/hip-hop song, the suit says.”

    I thought this was an interesting turn of events. Supposedly she ripped off a Christian rapper (disclaimer I never listened to the guy) who is now angry that his song is associated with all the bad stuff that was in her music video.

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