Resettlement Chronicles IV: The Old Made New

The other day I wrote about hearing a train. There have only been 4 so far, and only one at night. Even better: The siren score currently sits at zero. Trains are a mighty fine change of pace.

We’re attending a new church tomorrow. I hear we six shall nearly double their congregation. There is no choir, nor organ. I shall miss them.

By a stroke of providence it is pastored by a former curate of our last church. We liked him very much, and were encouraged by his presence here to make the move. It has been at least four years since we last saw him, and at that time had no intention of ever being within his parish. In fact we meant to be move the other direction. We have mused that he was sent to blaze our path.

3 thoughts on “Resettlement Chronicles IV: The Old Made New

  1. Heh the church I joined was also in that size range.

    Although there are no musical instruments, there is something great about singing only with our voices.

  2. Just wanted to wish you & your family the best in your new home and church. Sounds like a great adventure. I think they’ll probably plant me on our current property, but I always enjoyed the adventure of learning a new town. The sounds, the neighbors- sounds like a great time. Hope you enjoy it. May the Lord bless you all richly there.

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