Resettlement Chronicles VII: Properly Couched

Well, that didn’t go as I planned. The Internet was piped in, and I stopped posting; which I wasn’t supposed to be doing until I had Internet access because I don’t like to post from my phone. Turns out I don’t like posting from my phone when I have Internet service.

When we moved, we left behind two huge, beastly love seats. We hated them for years, and I was durned if I was going to move them into a truck, and then into a house where I would just hate on them some more. That left us as domesticates who were not properly couched into our new domicile. So, I built one out of some 2-bys and 1/4″ plywood. I don’t like the noise of power tools, so it took me two days with my saws and hand planes. What lovely sound the plane makes as it peels of a 1/1000 of an inch of wood: Shhhhhhhhhht! And it feels like glass if you’ve properly sharpened the iron. The wood is so smooth that you have to sand it to make it rough enough to take a finish.

The couch is not finished yet. The batting, foam, and upholstery still needs to be permanently applied. That will have to wait until I return. (Obviously I’m posting because I’m not at home with Internet access.) But the carcass is finished, and we have the foam laid on top, so it is in use as we speak. I like to build things. It’s so much more peaceful than managing people.

8 thoughts on “Resettlement Chronicles VII: Properly Couched

  1. If its an older home you might find one of those “out of print” beverages that are so valuable…..buried in a shed, or something. Get ’em fast, even BPA coated cans last about a year underground. Unless they are slathered with oil on the outside, that extends the cycle.

    Shame you had to use foam. Its just so much better than feathers. Foam, made from polyols turned into urethanes, with nasty stuff like toluene di-isocyanate in it, if you dwell on it it can spoil the pleasure of hewing wood.

    I’m personally delighted that you are relocated as such. One-a-these-days my gang, or the better portion anyway, will ring up en route. Not so far away is one of my favorite camping and hiking places bar none. Been years.

  2. @Aman

    Thanks, I thought you might like that.


    Sorry, no drinks in the shed; though there was an almost pristine can of WD40. I used it to lubricate my push-mower.

    No, I mean a push-mower. We left the self-propelled gas-engine mower that I never used at the old house. As I said: I don’t care for power tools.

    We had the foam from two twin mattresses that we no longer use. Once they were part of an Ikea set of beds that the older girls had, but now the oldest is in an antique bed that we’ve had in the attic, and the younger two are in bunk beds we bought a few years ago on CraigsList. Those beds are quite beautiful, I think. I’m not sure if it’s antique, but they’re completely solid wood with a thick finish, sturdy without being heavy, and cleverly designed.

    Oh, I like camping. Camping means fires. And fishing. And a flask of bourbon…but not Southern Comfort.

  3. Thank you for excluding Southern Comfort.

    I do have some decent fishing locations within 2 hours of you, And my oldest son is informed like a fishing guide for that area.

    I know what a push mower is….I mowed with one as a young teen. Had a neighbor, back when I lived in Houston, who wanted his front lawn to be a green. Well of , Japanese, a bit eccentric, he had it done. Then, he cut that grass with a push mower and felt very close to the game of golf…..I guess, or he was a fanatical but closeted Caddyshack fan

  4. There once was this place called IKEA….

    That I were clever enough to finish that limerick it would have been awesome.

    That’s so cool you building your own sofa. I love real furniture. My favorite pieces are bench made, can’t find enough to keep clients happy. It never occurs to them to – you know – make something. These aren’t stupid hapless folks either – it just genuinely never occurs to most people. Glad you’re settling in.

    You can order soy-based foam products now, fyi, and lots of traditional petro-foam is a lot less toxic than it once was. It’s also tremendously expensive, but it doesn’t smell quite so much.

  5. @Velvet

    You can order soy-based foam products now

    I am glad that a way has been found to move soy directly to the butt without having to eat it first.

    So if I made decent furniture, you could sell it?

  6. @ Empath….

    You probably turn into a hipster vegan.

    Actually iirc it’s as chemically neutral as those starch based packing peanuts. Minimal off- gassing. Just don’t lick it, maybe?

    @ Cane…

    Yes. I could sell it.

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