Reflections on the Deadness of Laptops

It stinks. To make (these small) matters worse I’m on the road, and cannot take the time to diagnose the issue. This is a long stretch…I’m in the midst of a 35 day trip. It will be another couple weeks until I can resurrect the whelp.

One thought on “Reflections on the Deadness of Laptops

  1. Cane, I am sympathetic to your plight. The laptop……..whatever…..but 35 days away? I have had some trips over 20 days. Its a little like solitary confinement at times, or sensory deprivation in the sense that you experience your family by sound only, or, lest I seem Luddite, in two dimensions visually (lacking the laptop and knowing its an Iphone—you chose poorly—on a 4.6 inch screen)

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