The Triviality of Reflections

Mrs. Caldo is anti-crying, but today the vet told her our dog has an aggressive tumor on the roof of his mouth. In two weeks it has pushed out half of his upper teeth, and he is constantly bleeding. She prescribed some antibiotics to fight infection, but regardless he will either stop eating, keep bleeding, or both. These things happen when dogs get old, and it certainly puts the laptop issues into stark context.

I hope I get to see him once more. We were young together.

8 thoughts on “The Triviality of Reflections

  1. Oh no. News like this, regarding dogs, even anonymous ones where i know neither the people nor the dog, affects me more than tales of similar human suffering. Even in fiction, I’m more exercised be it for revenge if someone harms a dog, or with sadness at a dog’s loss, than when I read of mayhem and murder. Not right thinking. Just honest.

    I get more vicarious joy, consistently, when seeing dogs interact with loving masters than when just about any other created things interacting.

    With 2 dogs down in the last 4 years, and my own little anything-but-masculine dog Dee hitting 12 in February (staring at me as I write this as if she knows what I’m thinking, as if she is sending her sympathies to your dog) I’m vulnerable again.

    That you may reunite with your friend before he/she goes.

  2. Oh wow, I’m sorry. My first dog died at 6 of cancer, a beautiful golden. It was heartbreaking.

    My current dog, Delilah (I still hate the name) is seven years old and still going strong.

    Now you made me want to find my dog and hang out.

    My deepest sympathies.

  3. My sympathies to you and the Mrs. I know how hard it is at the end; for weeks, my husband carried our big old mutt down the stairs and helped him stand in the yard to do his business. It was hard to let go. I hope you get to give him one last good petting.

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