13 thoughts on “Trump Talks Immigration, Healthcare, and Terrorism

  1. Did you catch the nod to the Three Stooges?

    I saw democrats and republicans personified. Where was Donald?

  2. JDG makes me think of something. I peeve-on about how many folks in the above average intelligence crowd want to see themselves as having found the third way. And they really dont want to share the info, rather they need sycophants feeding at their trough of gruel spiked with a nicotine like addictive substance.

    Well smart guys, if Trump isnt a 3rd way I dont know what is.

    I know I know, he cant capture the imagination of the Mensa-ratti. People understand the words that come from his mouth. (No, I’m not supporting Trump, this is sarcasm on a stick)

  3. @JDG et al

    I don’t hate the idea of a Trump presidency because I really don’t care who wins. He may truly be the best we can do. To my mind that’s not a reason to celebrate Trump, but for serious examination of why and how it came to be.

    Trump is a self-aggrandizing clown, like Brooks’ GOV.

    1. GOV’s stated plan is to push the red man back with toys (i.e.: for free), but in reality the plan must be to use men with guns to hold the indians to the “trade”. Trump’s plan is to have Mexico pay to build a wall (i.e.: for free), but really it’s going to take men with guns to take back our land/jobs from illegal aliens. (Besides, I don’t believe he’s serious about staunching the flood of Mestizos into America. I suspect the plan is being played for bargaining leverage in some future deal he has in mind.)

    2. GOV builds a casino under the dubious auspices of “treating” insane gamblers. Trump builds casinos and then touts them as economic engines when in fact they are sources of great harm.

    3. GOV keeps mistresses and employs them as secretaries. Trump keeps mistresses and then employs them to boost his personal brand.

    4. The idea that GOV can handle a terrorist crisis is absurd. Same goes for Trump. There is no bankruptcy or “do-over” in state/foreign affairs. You can’t fire a demoralized army; much less a (ludicrously out-of-control) intelligence community.

    5. GOV loves to harrumph. Trump’s motto is, “You’re fired”; a kind of harrumph.

    1. Destroying male headship Equality.

  4. Again I see the typical politician (dem or rep) characterized by the Gov rather than Trump. That’s probably because I rarely watch TV shows and have never seen The Apprentice. What little I know about him is from Youtube clips (the Megyn Kelly fiasco et al).

    Also, I don’t see a similarity between the plight of the native American and the plight of the illegal alien, and I’m not strong on immigration one way or the other. I say this as a man who has spent thousands of dollars in fees and fares to legally bring his wife into the country. Let me tell you, that whole process needs to be simplified. Also, it really shouldn’t cost that much. Nevertheless, I don’t see the Trump / Gov connection in this.

    Rather than a wall I would like to see a complete cut in tax payer funded government freebees. The government shouldn’t be in the welfare business at all IMO. Plus without the freebees draining US funds, what would it matter how many people cross the border (other than crime). For the crime problem perhaps open carry for everyone (not insane) would cut down on that. I’m not saying I have an answer, just that Trumps appeal to me really isn’t immigration.

    Trump is also a feminist, which I can’t stand. But what I do like is how he stands up to the media and, to a point, PC BS. I can’t say that I trust him because I don’t. Neither am I particularly excited about the whole phenomena, but I do like what he has done to expose the BS that everyone has been pretending not to notice for years. As it stands right now, if I were to vote for anyone it would be him or else someone from the Constitution party.

  5. GK I have to agree. I think we as a nation are past the point of no return. I would love to be wrong about this, but if history has anything to say about it we’re sunk (outside of a miraculous revival resulting in nation wide repentance).

  6. @JDG

    Plus without the freebees draining US funds, what would it matter how many people cross the border (other than crime).

    Because they don’t cross back. Illegals that stay become citizens. Those citizens overwhelming vote in politicians who promise them freebies. Politicians vote in freebies because it gets them re-elected. We can’t stop the freebies problem without addressing the illegal immigration issue.

    Mexico, Central America, and South America have been out from European control for a long time. Under their own power they choose not to create effective and stable governments, economies, or cultures. It stands to reason then that letting those masses into our country will have the effect of destabilizing our government, economy, and culture. That’s what they prefer to do.

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