What’s Open After Midnight?

Tonight I delivered pizza to a house where the owners were throwing a small party; four guys and two cute gals. Now, 40 swiftly approaches for me and so I think almost all college girls are cute, but I gather that the four men did, too; else I doubt they would have invited them. One girl was almost surely not of legal age to drink alcohol, but I watched her take two swigs from a beer bottle as I completed the exchange.

And that, my friends, is why I moved my family to a new town rather than send my daughter away to college.

Shortly after I had began my job, I explained such reasoning to my inquisitive young coworkers, and (perhaps to your astonishment) they agreed and accepted it as good. Once we had a conversation about the fact that–while I don’t have a curfew for my children–I do expect to know where they are, and they should expect me to show up at any time. A young half-white half-black woman made the remark, “Ain’t nothing open after midnight but legs.” Such a great quip.

7 thoughts on “What’s Open After Midnight?

  1. Yes, that’s surprising. And the young woman’s comment was witty and wise. It reminds me of a saying a former commander of mine used frequently. “No good decision is made after midnight.”

  2. Great story but…ugh. Pizza delivery?

    Hope things work out quickly that you find something more stable. Will pray for you.

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  4. That’s one of the few advantages to marring someone from Japan. Dating in Japan is like from the 50’s compared to here. Yes there are a few rotten apples but no plagues of blight. Biggest struggle would be to find a man that wants sex and marriage for my daughter usually they want neither.

  5. I have to agree with the young woman. When I did hang out after midnight, sin was a lot easier. Especially fornication/adultery.

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