Inverted Propaganda of Perverted Reality

Commenter GK Chesterton wrote:

Great story but…ugh. Pizza delivery?

I myself am surprised at the location in which I have found myself. Somewhere around here I am sure I have a tract given to me by feminists. In it, are pictures of male devils (Patriarci, perhaps) leading around women in chains, whoring them out, and then promptly confiscating the funds into their own demonic treasuries.

If that nonsense were the truth, then Patriarchy would still be in force. It is in fact the exact opposite in every way. Women who are let to run around unattached whore themselves out at the expense of their fathers.

Last night (close to midnight) I made a delivery to an apartment of two attractive women and their very fat male friend. One of the women was lying sprawled on the front porch. It was a low porch, directly adjacent to the parking lot and the headlights of my vehicle shone directly between her spread legs and up her gym shorts; illuminating the interior. She did not mind. I cannot say if light shone out her belly button; as her shirt was actually performing its function…and more.

They were laughing, and the supine woman did not close her legs as I approached. Addressing the vertical woman I said, “Howdy. It’s $12.47.” The one on the ground shot her arms up at me for the pizza. Written on her shirt in neat bold marker was the word “TIT”. The word was big enough to cover the two under it, and there were many other scribblings that I did not read because I was distracted by the other “TIT” written in red marker on her cheek.

I handed the pie to the lying girl as the porcine man got out money. The standing woman took a picture of her friend holding up the pizza as I loomed over the latter, waiting for the fat guy’s cash.

Yet, for some reason, adults (I mean adults who live in the real world and not college world) I know are mystified, sad, and even snide about my choices. That is not a reference to commenter GKC, but to those around me in physical space.

The point is: Don’t believe the brochure. Patriarchy, in relationship to its daughters, is more about standing guard and sacrifice and not much about pleasure and riches.

19 thoughts on “Inverted Propaganda of Perverted Reality

  1. I agree with you Cane. I’m happy that you are able to take care of your people in close proximity because travel does drain the family. But I do hope you get something that pays better than pizza.

  2. Feminists mostly take a few examples of men who abuse(d) their daughters and apply them to all of us. When they can’t find examples, they invent some.

    Given Man’s sinful nature, some husband and fathers will inevitably abuse their loved ones. But, given Man’s creation in God’s image, most husbands and fathers simply want to provide for and protect their loved ones.

    If, however, one is Godless, those truths become more difficult to see.

  3. Patriarchy out of all the social arrangements between the sexes are the ones that yield the best outcomes and hence predominate the world. There has been no matriarchies that are civilizations.

  4. @ infowarrior1 says:
    September 13, 2015 at 7:46 am

    “There has been no matriarchies that are civilizations.”

    Other than inner city ghettos, have there been any matriarchies? I can’t think of one.

  5. If I ever get canned at my ok-paying job here, I always thought it would be good to go work at a Chick-Fil-et. You’d get Sundays and Christmas off and at you could believe that you work for a good, Christian company.

  6. @ Oscar, There have been some purported egalitarian tribes out on Africa. I wouldn’t be surprised if these were exaggerations of reports about sex roles that are alien to the West. There’s a southeast Asian culture where the father’s build their teen daughters treehouse type lodging in the back of the property for her to have young male visitors outside of the supervision of the parents. Some may claim that as a matriarchy because the girls have control over the behavior of the visiting young men. But it’s really just a Patriarchy of white-knights (a failure of a Patriarchy really) enabling their daughters to do this because without their imminent presence, the young women’s desires would have nothing backing it up.

    @Cane, Is that an actual tract or are you making a metaphorical commentary on the religiosity of feminism? If it’s the former and you ever come across that tract (and have a scanner), I’d enjoy seeing it.

  7. @GKC

    Thanks, but I want to point out one more time that I wasn’t criticizing you or your comment. My intent was to use it as a comparison between what we have been told about the practice of patriarchy, and the reality of acting like a patriarch.


    Chick-Fil-A was my first job for which I had to file gov’t paperwork. I was 15. They have a lot to recommend them; as entry-level jobs go.


    The tract is a metaphor for the anti-patriarchy narrative.

  8. @ aGreyKnave

    That sounds like a “no” to me. Every supposed matriarchy I’ve heard of seems as real as the Amazons. If so, inner city ghetto culture is about it, which isn’t saying much.

  9. Pizza delivery really shows you the range of human idiocy and degradation. I’ve had people try to tip me in weed, had people answer in their underwear, had a guy answer so drunk he could barely stand up… Before doing delivery I had a basic respect for, and even pity of poor people. Now? no.

  10. Cane Caldo, hopefully you own you house outright. This helps a lot when your income is limited.

    My wife started going to a Church food pantry a year or so ago to help with the bills. At first, I didn’t like this at all. Now I’m ok with it. Their typical patron is an enormous fat black woman with an IPhone and a nice car. We don’t own an IPhone and our car is a piece of crap so I don’t feel guilty taking food from the Church.

  11. @Kidd Cudi

    Before doing delivery I had a basic respect for, and even pity of poor people. Now? no.

    It’s still reasonable to pity them. Poor people often aren’t just financially poor, but also intellectually and socially.


    We rent, but you raise a good point. One of the things that enables us to live with tough decisions, or otherwise be flexible, is that we have no debt.

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  13. @ Cane Caldo says:
    September 15, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    “Poor people often aren’t just financially poor, but also intellectually and socially.”

    Even more importantly, spiritually. I grew up in poor immigrant communities. Some of my peers made it out, some didn’t. The ones that did were faithful Christians more often than not. Christian faith tends to build good habits, like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control and chastity.

    @aGreyKnave says:
    September 15, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    “They closest you tend to find is purported egalitarian societies, which are always some primitive people in need of ‘preservation’ like some animal.”

    Even then, every supposedly “egalitarian” society I’ve heard or read about, when I read more, turned out to be not-so-egalitarian. It seems like a lot of Rousseau noble savage romanticism to me.

  14. @Oscar

    I grew up in poor immigrant communities.

    So did I, for the most part. Didn’t get out of them until high school. That’s probably why some of the (now mostly gone) Manosphere Women’s Auxiliary named me the blackest dude (something like that) in the Manosphere. The mulatto girl at work called me the “realest nigga in here”.

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