Free-Agent Women are Bad for Team You

I saw this video linked on a couple sporting news websites as evidence that NFL Fan Fights season has kicked-off. Language warning for the faint.

Did you see what I did? Because what I saw was:

  1. A Mexican woman allowed to run her mouth while her men looked on, helpless. Watch their expressions. They are embarrassed, but conflicted because–unlike white people–they’ve been taught to stick by their own kind even when she’s stupid, endangering others, and wasting hundreds (or possibly thousands) of dollars in tickets and parking.
  2. More egregiously: A white woman repeatedly put her hand over her man’s mouth, and he tolerating mommy’s physical censorship. Whatever that fat Mexican chick did to the white guy was nothing in comparison to the disrespect his own woman has for him.

I wonder if he knows that, in her mind, contract negotiations are never over and every day is the right day to disrespect him if she can get her way.

11 thoughts on “Free-Agent Women are Bad for Team You

  1. The Chateau had a recent article suggesting an approach to such a situation. To paraphrase:

    “Whose female is this?”

  2. @Caspar

    Yes, I read that one. I’ve even used “Whose bitch is this?” in the comments of Dalrock’s blog.

    The trouble with that approach (in regards to the video) is that neither the men nor the women accept that protocol; even if that is the reality of their relationships. Like as in most places today, the women act as if the men are under them, and the men either accept it like the Mexican men, or they feign insolence as the white guy did.

    The white chick putting her hand over the dude’s mouth is preposterous and sick. If he had slapped her I would have said it served her right.

  3. Ok, I’m the softy, the white chick is trying to deescalate and I can’t see her behavior as _worse_. It is, however, stupid. Is there more detail on what started it? Its pretty clear that one side was more aggressive (the Mexicans).

    It is also why I don’t take my family to sports games.

  4. @GKC

    Ok, I’m the softy

    I’m shocked. 😀

    Sure, the white chick tried to deescalate after kicking at the Mexicans. She deserves a peace prize…

    I guess–and I didn’t cover this in the OP–but it seems to me that Women Who Lost They Damn Minds are the topic facing American men. While race relations and nationalism and all that stuff are important and have wide-reaching effects, there’s a fundamental flaw in overlooking disorder in your own yard to tackle disorder hundreds of miles away, or in another family.

    Mrs. Caldo would never attempt to physically silence me. If she did, it would come immediately and forcefully to my mind, that whatever argument I have with my neighbor pales in comparison to the problems I have at home.

    Hey, check your email.

  5. Tickets and parking are horrendously expensive, you can barely see the game from that distance, and you have to put up with this garbage. No thanks. I’ll watch from home, with a thick, juicy rib eye and a beer.

  6. @ Cane Caldo says:
    September 15, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    “I’ve even used ‘Whose bitch is this?’ in the comments of Dalrock’s blog.”

    I believe it’s “Who bitch dis is?”.

  7. @Oscar

    Army Times is subscriber-only, but I found a report here. The reporter makes two jokes. He refers to the attack as a “low blow”, and also “nuts”. Even with video a man is not taken seriously.

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