The Face of Stupidity

Apparently Trump called Carly Fiorina’s face unvotable. In retort, Fiorina made an ad addressing it, and indirectly Trump. It is stupid.

In the voiceover she’s talking about her own face, but shows faces of random women; as if to say that she is but one of many old and ugly women and here are some others. She goes on to say that her face and their faces are the faces of “leadership” in various sectors of society, up-to-and-including religion.

Let us recognize that is true, and let us also recognize that every sector of society is being led into the toilet.

Let us Christians also recognize that leadership of women in our churches is against Scripture, but that it doesn’t stop Fiorina.

What drew this to my attention as worthy of a post was how various periodicals and websites touted this ad as “a perfect comeback” to Trump’s comment. Where is the comeback? Fiorina is proud of her 61 year old wrinkly face. Why? Is there any face that recommends itself as presidential, or even worthy of pride? No, and that’s not the point of Fiorina’s Faces ad anyways. Her point is that a woman should be president because…just because.

I also notice Donald Trump suffers loads of remarks about his hair. None of those sites defend him, and–more importantly–he takes it in stride. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Trump ad about having presidential hair. If we do, it will be poking fun at Fiorina for being a scolding twerp.

5 thoughts on “The Face of Stupidity

  1. @iw1

    You bet. I’ve linked it several times.


    He’s the same in real life, and quite genuine. He spoke at a homeschool conference I attended. When I met him afterwards to ask him for some help with my denomination’s Sunday School curriculum, he gave me a direct line to a friend of his from his phone contacts.

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