How the Clowns Won the West

Scott Adams agrees with my conclusion that Trump is a clown.

Like many of you, I have been entertained by the unstoppable clown car that is Donald Trump. On the surface, and several layers deep as well, Trump appears to be a narcissistic blow-hard with inadequate credentials to lead a country.

The only problem with my analysis is that there is an eerie consistency to his success so far. Is there a method to it? Is there some sort of system at work under the hood?

Probably yes.

One thing to keep in mind while watching that hilarious scene in Blazing Saddles is that it is historical. Yes, it’s satirized, but white Europeans really did conquer America from American Indians, and they did it with silly promises which were very often accepted by the Indians…promptly followed up by a lot of shooting. As I said in a comment of that post:

GOV’s stated plan is to push the red man back with toys (i.e.: for free), but in reality the plan must be to use men with guns to hold the indians to the “trade”. Trump’s plan is to have Mexico pay to build a wall (i.e.: for free), but really it’s going to take men with guns to take back our land/jobs from illegal aliens.

Here’s Adams on Trump’s idea that Mexico will pay for a wall between our border:

Trump also said he thinks Mexico should pay for the fence, which made most people scoff. But if your neighbor’s pit bull keeps escaping and eating your rosebushes, you tell the neighbor to pay for his own fence or you will shoot his dog next time you see it. Telling a neighbor to build his own wall for your benefit is not crazy talk. And I actually think Trump could pull it off.

Perhaps my detractors problem is a failure to fully appreciate the clown geniuses of Mel Brooks and Harvey Korman. They didn’t actually expect the audience to believe white men were idiots, or that toys won the West. They were telling jokes about violence.

11 thoughts on “How the Clowns Won the West

  1. According to Wikipedia, the US gave Mexico $971.3 million in foreign aid last year.

    How much would the fence cost?

    Every time I hear about the border fence, though, it reminds me of a saying I heard at the Engineer Officer Basic Course, and repeated often thereafter. “An unsecured obstacle is just a speed bump.” In other words, the border fence, if it’s ever built, has to be secured by men with guns to serve its purpose.

    Then there’s another issue. Most illegal aliens these days are people who entered legally, then overstayed their visas. A fence won’t prevent that. Men with guns would have to go find them and make them go home.

  2. @Oscar

    “An unsecured obstacle is just a speed bump.”

    Yes, but you’re taking talk of a wall at face value when it is a notion, a bit of rhetoric that points to something else. If immigration control is taken seriously, then a wall will be a monument to the will of the American government to forcibly control immigration. It will be a symbol of men with guns willing to put down transgressors; including those who overstay a visa. The willingness to “put down” transgressors doesn’t necessarily mean shooting all of them, but it will mean shooting some of them. It will definitely mean arresting them, and it will certainly mean sending a message to citizens to neither hire nor house them.

    That is what I and Scott Adams are saying. I linked to a Wikipedia page on the idiom “Many a truth is said in jest.” The wall is the jest. Guns will be the truth, and someone who jests is a jester, i.e., a clown. Clowning doesn’t mean failing. It sounds like failure to earnest-sounding people because earnest-sounding people are often not actually earnest, but rather credulous.

  3. @ Cane

    “Yes, but you’re taking talk of a wall at face value when it is a notion, a bit of rhetoric that points to something else.”

    That’s because I still think like a combat engineer.

    I’m not convinced that a physical wall is necessary. An e-verify system that works – and is enforced – should keep out the illegals who just want to work. National Guard units patrolling the border in MRAPs supported by UAVs and Kiowas should keep the cartels out (much of Mexico is a low intensity war zone, but most NG troops these days have combat experience).

    But, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that a wall isn’t physically necessary, but psychologically necessary. Correct?

  4. In the last few years, I’ve seen:

    (a) A fellow parishioner deported after a bit of legal trouble. Seems his parents brought him over as a toddler, and he was technically not a United States citizen. Since his country of origin was in Europe, not Latin America, this wasn’t a worthy human rights issue for the usual suspects.

    (b) We keep trying to bring some Anglican clergy over from our sister diocese in Rwanda to visit. For some reason, their visas keep getting denied. Perhaps they should visit Mexico and we can just pick them up in Texas.

    When there is the will, the United States government can be effective about these things.

  5. Vox’s warnings on this…I just wish people would take them at face value. People are going to start getting shot. The people stopping the wall are murders by proxy.

  6. I was driving through a friend’s neighborhood and I swear, it was like I was driving through a Mexican village. My friend told me that the vast majority of these Mexicans were most definitely illegal. I don’t remember hearing a lick of English in the neighborhood either.

    If voting for a clown will help stop and reverse this, then I am voting for the Clown. Better a clown than the spineless fruits in the GOP and the wimp Sanders or the obviously 3 months-away-from-stroking-out Hillary Clinton.

    We need a new era in American politics. And if Donald Trump lays the groundwork for this era, then hell, why not vote for him?

    We live in Clown World, why not vote for the Clown Prince?

  7. @Svar

    We live in Clown World, why not vote for the Clown Prince?

    Because I don’t know what these clowns are gonna pull next.

    We simply don’t know these people, period. How, in good conscience, can we cast a vote of confidence in people most of us have never seen in the flesh; never talked to; from whom we’ve never received a personal missive? I wouldn’t turn my house over to such an unknown–and I rent!

  8. Personally, I think the fix is already in for Hillary. Both the Democrat and Republican establishment would prefer Hillary to an unknown quantity like Trump. They all know that Hilary will work to keep the Washington gravy train rolling and that is all that matters. Trump probably would too, but they can’t be certain.

  9. Cane, you’re smart so I think you will come around to Team Trump. Trump never said that a wall is the only thing he’s going to do. He is also going to mandate E-Verify so that illegals can’t get jobs and voluntarily go home. Latin America is a much more violent culture than the US. Check out the top 50 murder cities on Wikipedia. Over 40 are Latin American. I’d rather live in America with a Clown President than the United States of Mexico with someone like Rubio or Hillary in charge.

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