But I Repeat Myself

Dalrock, Zippy, and some others have been drawing in the dust which was kicked up and then settled when Donald Trump suggested (before backtracking) that women who have their babies aborted should be held responsible in a similar manner as anyone who commissions a crime. The response from prominent pro-life movement leaders and organizations is that women should not be held responsible even though they willfully commissioned a crime. The reason is because…

Actually, it appears we’re still waiting on a reason. But what I want to talk about is the meaningless status-signalling of liberals, leftists, SJWs, and so forth. In those circles, it’s not necessary to actually believe and be motivated to action by the various tenets and doctrines. One must merely parrot the doctrines at the appointed times, or upon demand whenever a point of doctrine is raised.

Conservatives are different because…

Actually, it appears we’re still waiting on a reason.

9 thoughts on “But I Repeat Myself

  1. Charlie Camosy makes the case here: http://www.evangelicalsforsocialaction.org/sanctity-of-life/our-current-abortion-law-as-a-product-of-men/ “Being pregnant and having a child is often so burdensome for women precisely because our social structures have been designed by and for human beings who cannot get pregnant….Men offering women the so-called “freedom” to pretend that their social, economic, and reproductive lives can flourish in social structures designed for people who can’t have babies is preposterous and insulting.”

  2. >”The response from prominent pro-life movement leaders and organizations is that women should not be held responsible even though they willfully commissioned a crime.”

    You should really listen to the abortion livestream that Apologia Radio is doing on Friday, if you have the time, as well as what they’ve put out in response to these pro-life leaders, so-called. It’s altogether shameless that the leaders in this movement, let alone the church at large, is so spineless to call abortion for what it plainly is: murder. Their attitude presumes that women are somehow less culpable for their sin than men, that women who would murder their children are the victims of men pushing them to do it, and that the abortion doctors are the only ones who should be held criminally responsible.

    The sad thing is that if any of them were to actually participate in an on-the-ground protest of an abortion mill they would soon realize that such notions are absolutely false. I can tell you from personal experience that the women who have their children murdered know what they are doing, and painfully, some are even noxiously proud of the fact.

    >”One must merely parrot the doctrines at the appointed times, or upon demand whenever a point of doctrine is raised. Conservatives are different because…Actually, it appears we’re still waiting on a reason.”

    You’re absolutely correct here, especially with the language of “doctrine.” Isn’t it awfully sad that for the majority of those within the church there are certain doctrines that we are supposed to say, such as “Christ is Lord,” and to pray for godly leaders to rule by biblical principles, but who refuse to actually follow through with what they’re confessing? Are these merely things that we just supposed to say or do they have genuine meaning? Are we not supposed to be salt and light to the world?

  3. I found myself oddly disgusted with Trump’s backtracking in this. I know he’s at least as pragmatic as the next politician (if much less polished so that his flaws seem more glaring), but I found that his brash personality and the liberal insistence to lie about where he’s strongest instead of exposing where he truly errs kept him on my good side. He found a way to brush aside good questions about issues that gave me pause, but THIS was where he decided to openly change his position instead of giving the usual bait and switch. And the rotten cherry on top is how he called women victims in the whole situation.

    Well, I suppose must thank him for forcing the hand of so many pro-lifers and exposing them as the gyno-centrists they are (and also making me acknowledge and affirm the logical consequences of calling abortion murder). I’ve preferred the terms pro/anti-abortion since choice and life can be misnomers, and cause unnecessary debates. But now it seems like “anti-abortion” is the best label to take to distance oneself from the vast majority of pro-lifers.

    Still I don’t regret voting for him in the primary. The GOP needs a chaos candidate to wake them up. Bet even with Ted Cruz being against punishing women for breaking the law, I’m not sure there’s any faith to be had in national politics any longer.

    Also, thanks for the headsup on that radio show; checking them out now…even if you are greentexting on wordpress.

  4. I will never again contribute in any way to March for Life. My guess is that their annual attendance numbers will drop off in an Anglican Church fashion over the next 10 years.

    I actually feel for the good women that are going to get swept up in the backlash once this whole thing collapses. But we have to remember that there were good folks in Israel that were slaughtered in the Assyrian invasions.

  5. And…you need to give yourself writing goals. Start with something easy. One article a week. Then move up.

  6. @Zeb & Mason



    Thank you for introducing me to the term “greentexting”. I hadn’t heard it before. However; I don’t know to what radio show you are referring.


    A backlash is a long ways off. Such good women probably aren’t even born yet; perhaps not for generations.

    My writing is sparse because all I think to write about is my personal struggles/whinings.

  7. Oops. My last paragraph was referring to Mason and the Apologia Radio he mentioned. And “greentexting” is when someone uses a “>” to turn text green in order to quote someone or summarize an issue. It only works on sites with a certain script, though.

    I’m with GK. I enjoy reading your entries at least as much as Dalrock’s.

  8. There’s a good lesson that can be learned from the dynamic, and that’s one that is often used in the world of marketing or sales.

    If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
    Conservatism isn’t possible, because one can’t stay still, nor can any ideology. A direction should have been chosen and gone after, because staying in one place to “conserve” is not a real option…

    Cuckservatism, on the other hand…

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