Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman: A Survey Request

I have a topic that I want to write about and I would like your help. If you know of a woman’s advice blog which you think is Biblically solid, please leave a link to it in the comments. In particular, I’m looking for blogs which teach about marriage and how to be a good wife.

19 thoughts on “Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman: A Survey Request

  1. You are asking for a square circle my friend. “Wom[e]n’s advice blogs… which teach about marriage and how to be a good wife” set themselves up as an authority on such, and thus undermine the husbands and fathers whose job this is.

    But you only asked because you already know this.

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  3. Moose is right. I know one particular woman who seems to be raising her hand “look at me, look at me, I should be on the list!” because she is undertaking this whole virtuous woman series now teaching everyone how to become and find a virtuous woman because of course at her tender age she is the epitome of virtue and an authority on the matter. The timing of the series matched up to this post, a bit too coincidental.

    But then its funny that said woman at the same time of doing her series had this to say about Cane…..

    “I think reacting with goodness, instead of with accusing them of being bitter or whiny (which is what feminists immediately go to), is what we’re called to do. I get it and know it’s hard when talking with men online. Cane Caldo has called me a whore, slut, bitch, and written many many comments slandering me around the manosphere for months. The only way to respond back was with calculated ignoring him (not reading his comments anymore) and goodness. Getting into it with men who are acting in sin isn’t what God wants us to do, even online.”
    “I should probably add, his slander and attacks went on for months, but ignoring it worked, he’s given up.”

    To not give attention to this creature of virtue, I won’t post the link where this came from. Cane, you can email me if you want it.

    I am surprised by the leelee suggestion. I checked out that blog and she seems to just rant on about herself and how she was a teenage whore, being lonely, having a breakdown, and thoughts of suicide.

  4. It is posts like these that make me surprised to see all the Lori suggestions here.

    Lori is saying be careful who you learn from, but that you should learn from “godly women”? In other words, learn from Lori because she is a fully qualified self-appointed godly woman. Who gets to determine godliness anyway? Isn’t deeming yourself godly just a way women can inflate themselves?

    In the post, Lori rebukes the women who stand in front of men and women and teach the word, but for some reason what she does is different. She doesn’t stand in front, she sits behind the computer screen and that somehow makes it godly and acceptable.

    Then its funny that Lori says in comments yesterday this:
    “I never want to have the word God in what someone calls me since there is only one God”. Yet Lori calls herself a “godly women”.

  5. I left the following comment in reply to the Lori Alexander post Stevesam221 linked to above. I haven’t commented there before so at the moment at least it is in moderation:

    Many of these women stand in front of men and women and teach the Word? Is this what they are called to do? “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” {1 Timothy 2:12}. Oh, but many will say, “They are in an auditorium and not in a church. This verse is for the church only.” Well, guess what, the Church isn’t a building; it is a body of believers, therefore, no woman should ever teach men the Word anywhere.

    God doesn’t want women teaching men His Word because we are the ones more easily deceived.

    This makes no sense, because the argument that women are permitted to teach other women relies entirely on the assertion that Paul wasn’t stating that women are more easily deceived in 1 Timothy 2:14. This is the foundation of the entire “women’s ministry” argument; you simply can’t adopt the traditional reading of 1 Tim 2:14 and argue that 1 Tim 2:12 only pertains to women teaching men.

    In fact, if you agree with the plain reading of 1 Tim 2:14 (as I do, and you indicate you do as well), having women teach the Word to other women is even more dangerous than having women teach men. As Dr. Moo explains in the CBMW founding book:

    But a statement about the nature of women per se would move the discussion away from this central issue, and it would have a serious and strange implication. After all, does Paul care only that the women not teach men false doctrines? Does he not care that they not teach them to other women?

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