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I’ve been in D.C. this week and work activities left little time to blog. (A single lengthy comment I wrote yesterday took four brief breaks to compose.) D.C. is beautiful, and if you need to find a church it is easy: Just look for the rainbow-incorporated imagery.

I’m still looking for more recommendations on a Christian female blogger who writes advice for women; especially on marriage. Please leave a link either here or in the comments of the original post. Let’s see if Moose was right.

16 thoughts on “More Haystack!

  1. @MtC

    I still do the old job sometimes (just never on Sundays which means not very often) and I still do the pizza gig. And I still do other gigs. If there’s one diversity I’ve come to believe in, it is of the income variety.

  2. As suggested by various indicators including the banner image above this post, I would say the Italian hot dog delivery bidness, as in nascondere la salsiccia, perhaps?

  3. I don’t know of one, but St. Paul said older women should teach younger women how to be good wives, so I don’t think it’s impossible.

    It doesn’t have much cachet these days, though. It needs better framing. It would probably have to be called “Stuff My Husband Says” or “My Husband is Awesome: Advice for Wifes” or something.

  4. @ Patrick

    I would not let my wife run a blog entitled “Stuff my Husband Says.” I’m not an authority over other men’s wives, and I don’t want what I say to my wife to be seized upon as justification for a rebellious wife in disregarding the authority that actually has responsibility for her.

    Similarly, I would not let my wife subscribe to a blog with that title. “Honey, you should be listening to what your own husband says instead of reading about what some other woman’s husband says.”

    St. Paul said older women should teach younger women how to be good wives, so I don’t think it’s impossible.

    I’m assuming you are speaking of Titus 2:3-5. If so, I think the main part of thing from that list that can be taught on-line is the “keepers at home” bit. I cannot think of a women’s blog that “teaches about marriage and how to be a good wife” (CC’s original language) that I would be comfortable with my wife reading regularly. As I said earlier, I think its a contradiction in terms.

    However, I can think of a few women’s blogs that teach women how to do wifely things that I would recommend. By wifely things I mean cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, saving money grocery shopping, etc..

    This is where I direct women: not to blogs about marriage, but to blogs about developing wifely skills. You may have noticed that I claimed CC only asked because he already knew the answer. That’s because the essence of what I’m saying has already been distilled and written by him:

    If a woman can’t teach another woman about submission (and she can’t except by example), what can she possibly teach about marriage?

  5. I think women could probably teach other women about chastity, gentleness, obedience, etc. These aren’t any harder to understand than knitting. Why couldn’t a nun, for example, give advice about obedience or gentleness? And if an obedient, gentle nun can do it, why couldn’t an obedient, gentle wife?

  6. Good comment Moose Norseman. A couple of years ago I found myself becoming a fan of one of those blogs, not one of the usual suspects but one of the same flavor nonetheless. My sense of discomfort grew steadily until suddenly the confirmations were resounding. I was seeing what I had wanted to see and not seeing the rest. Its a mess. Its the manner in which women can create an artificial reality for themselves that corrupts their best efforts.

  7. Then we basically agree that women can in principle advise on these concepts. Whether the online aspect creates too many temptations or whether it undermines a husband’s authority–whether she should in other words–is a prudential decision. I don’t really disagree with you on that because what you’re saying sounds plausible. If I ever marry I may find out you’re right. In which case I’m fine with shutting it down.

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