A Venn Diagram of the Enemies of N.I.C.E.

Vox writes:

Don’t think that the SJWs are not organizing against us as well. They are doing their level best to identify all of those against whom they intend to run their usual game of discredit, disemploy, and destroy. From Mediated Feminisms: Activism and Resistance to Gender and Sexual Violence in the Digital Age at UCL Institute of Education.

Who is the “us” to which Vox refers?

The Venn Diagram of those who won’t bend the knee to Jezebel.

Vox continues:

Notice who they have right in the center sweet spot. Twice. Translaton: I’m not a PUA, an MGTOW, an MRA, or a TradCon,

Nor is is this blog’s host.

so she has no idea where to put me. And their total inability to make any sense of us, judging by their interpretive babble, suggests that the more open this culture warfare becomes, the more people are forced to choose sides, the more it will be to our advantage. And this is good, because Western civilization cannot survive social justice convergence.

It looks to me as she has the ability to group us properly, but not to name us. There is a common core to that central group which she has erroneously called “Trad Cons”.

  • Vox Day (also owner of AlphaGamePlan) is a patriarchal Christian
  • Dalrock is a patriarchal Christian
  • 8to12 (owner of Masculine by Design) is a patriarchal Christian
  • I am a patriarchal Christian

A cursory review of the other two sites doesn’t reveal to me whether the other two blogs are written by patriarchal Christians, but if they are not now they should be before the sun sets because this is where the fight is.

These blind and deaf feminists of N.I.C.E. University College London don’t know what to call this thing upon which they have stumbled, or what is the stuff of which we are made. But they know it is central, and they instinctively know to fear it most. That core which we cling to in strength and stand upon in surety, and that fear which they cannot properly name, is Jesus Christ.

10 thoughts on “A Venn Diagram of the Enemies of N.I.C.E.

  1. I’m starting to get the realisation that patriarchy means less about getting women to obey men, and more of a strong national meaning. Meaning to understand who the national fathers are, for patriots to be guided correctly. The other meaning is what Feminists complain about because they want men vs women for the fun of it, rather than abiding with the meaning that is about paternal outlook towards one’s own nation.


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