On Christian Female Bloggers: A Preface

I was never happy with this post. Because I know my inner thoughts, I know what I tried to say. However; it is not what I wanted to say, and it’s not what I should have wrote. Reading it again I find it confused; an early concoction of an idea with the right ingredients, but in wrong states of emphasis. Since then I’ve been brewing and distilling (with the help of other Christian men) and I hope what follows is better.

4 thoughts on “On Christian Female Bloggers: A Preface

  1. Does a two-fer from CC amount to a footlong?

    You should throw in the subjunctive, which is, being interpreted, “under the yoke”.

  2. I am generally considered a patient man Cane, but there is such a thing as being a blog tease!

    More seriously, in your own time. I look forward to your insight.

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