Blue-Collar Blues

I have started a new job, finally. It pays poorly to start, but it is in the field in which I wish to remain for the rest of my life; God willing. 

Long story short: I’m working two full-time jobs. Blogging, along with everything else, has to give. My weekends are blessedly free, but that time is often spoken-for as well. This weekend, for example, I have to give my truck a tune-up. One of my coils is toast and as long as I’ve got the engine cover off I might as well do all the sparkplugs. It’s been 130,000 miles. And as long as I have the sparkplugs out I might as well replace the coil insulators. An oil change is easy to throw in while I’m waiting for the PB Blaster to work its magic on the sparkplugs, and I’ve never replaced the fuel filter either.
Da da-da-da duh!

So maybe weekend after next I’ll get a chance to write.

Da da-da-da-duh!

12 thoughts on “Blue-Collar Blues

  1. Nice on the new job.
    Just wanted to let you know that the post about submission has caused me to reconsider my own position when praying. Thanks.

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  3. “Cane Caldo”,

    Great, a job that pays on commission is a lot more fun than the standard office job where the blander the interaction is the better. In sales, the more meaningful the interactions, the better. There is stress, but that sort of thing probably works itself out. I’m still looking forward to reading more blogposts here.

    Best regards,


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