WAN Manual Draft Discussion 2

This is a continuation of ideas; not a replacement or second draft. This is brainstorming. I haven’t finished an outline of a first draft! As well, let me point out that the order is not indicative of the importance.  From the first part of the draft:

  1. Men going out in groups of two or more, armed both Biblically and physically, to aid other Christian men.
  2. Church research database

Short-term, the goal is to provide immediate physical world support for Christian men in crisis. Long-term, I expect those men to return the favor…as they can. Most men don’t have the abilities needed for this work. In fact very few men do; including me. What I do have is a willingness to fight and nothing to lose; not even my family. Don’t misunderstand me: They are all believers in Christ and submit to His lordship. But my family, just like everyone else’s, is under sustained assault from undead God-haters from all the public institutions. Every moment of every day they are desensitizing my beloveds, trivializing the Gospel-based resistance to modern decadence, and attempting to convert them into irrelevant oblivioids.

I also have jobs from which it would be useless to get me fired. If some sodomite vampire gets me fired from pizza delivery–that just frees up my time. That’s not the case for men who are supporting a family on one income. I would not expose them to either the temptation for fear nor the real risk of reprisal.


However, some remnants have found each other online. That is something. What we need now is to vet each other, and be able to physically be near for help, and to be anti-fragile in our personal economies. The white collar middle manager probably isn’t useful as a direct agent. He and his family are vulnerable. His contribution would be support; to help pay for a plane ticket, or offer a couch to sleep upon if someone is driving cross-country. So that’s idea number 3.

Idea 4 is that we need specific men for specific and limited goals. For example: We need men who know how to deal with and persuade a Reformed pastor who is ambivalent towards the divorce of a parishioner who has asked for help. A pastor should never be ambivalent about that.

We need a list of specific problems and goals. Suggestions appreciated.

5 thoughts on “WAN Manual Draft Discussion 2

  1. I am one of those white collar lower management folks who is still fragile at this point. But I am taking steps to change that. My family just moved out of a liberal state into a conservative one with a much lower population. We’re a distance from population centers and our new home sits on some acreage. I have my own orchard and food growing in the garden.

    My work-from-home job is my only source of income at this point, but I’m working a few other plans that I hope will bear fruit soon. My corporate employer is fully converged and the first transexual that hits my team will likely mean my firing.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the Christian calling to suffering for righteousness sake. I am getting these proddings that I need to be ready to burn bridges – perhaps even to the point of my family turning against me. If that’s the case, I am promised that I will be given different family in the Body of Christ. This may be one means that we find that family.

    So whatever you’re doing, count me in. Hard times are coming and we need our tribe.

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