Christianity Inside the Ring

One way to understand why Christians are decimated each successive generation is to compare sport to combat.

The historical dominance of Christianity in the West has led to a state where conflicts are between different schools of Christianity, and so the nature of the conflicts between these schools became more sporting and less lethal. It’s a similar pattern as can be seen in the martial arts. In their beginnings martial arts were meant to be used for actual combat.

Over the years martial arts became focused on non-lethal conflict and show. Forms and scrimmages were the highest expressions; rather than success in actual combat. Instead of victory by the real result of standing over a foe, victory was declared by spectators and according to rules which are actually meant to frustrate true victory.

If you’re a Christian man in conflict with his church you should be aware of this. For everyone except you the conflict is a sporting event. The chances are that the priest/pastor/deacons/board of elders has superior kata (forms) and more experience in playing to the audience. And if you go for a lethal strike you will lose even if you win, just as surely as a rabbit punch disqualifies one in a boxing match to the chorus of boos and hisses…

That is, you will lose if your goal is to be declared the winner. So first: Get that idea out of your head. Victory is found in Christ; who humbles all. He will repay.

Second: Understand how the environment (where and when and among whom) determines the nature of the conflict; whether it is combat or sport. Don’t show up in a boxing ring expecting to engage in combat. Aside from being publicly disqualified, you can be lulled into the sporting frame of mind by their opening jabs, which are not killing blows, only to get knocked out moments later.

Third: If you must step into the ring then have fans in the audience. It is much harder to win over the crowd if you have to win over everyone. Two or three vocal fans can demoralize the opposition and his crowd.

6 thoughts on “Christianity Inside the Ring

  1. If you’re a Christian man in conflict with his church you should be aware of this. For everyone except you the conflict is a sporting event.

    Good essay, good advice. I wouldn’t say I’m in conflict yet, but it may come to that. Currently concentrating on this from earlier WAN thread;

    @CC: disrupt their supply lines, run psy-ops, smuggle out the living, establish our friendly supply lines, etc.

    Finding some traction with young men in their 20’s (only 2 or 3). They get that something is wrong but can’t pin it down. I couldn’t either last year, but now am in a position to assist them.

  2. I find having a strong masculine frame and overtly understanding young men were dealt a bad hand from their parents and grandparents etc generation is enough to draw the more motivated ones into your sphere of influence

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