InfoGalactic Improves Your Digestive Mental Health!

If you’re not using InfoGalactic, you should be.

I’ve been using it. It seems that the way IG generates pages is by the search. You search IG, it looks internally for an article. If it can’t find an article, IG generates a new page and then populates it with the text from the Wikipedia entry. At some point, as time and interest allows, someone goes back and makes improvements to the IG page. It can take a few moments for new pages to load, so give it a second.[1]

That is a small price to pay to eat Wikipedia, digest the nutrients, and then crap out the waste.

Update: Apparently IG simply has a full copy of the English Wikipedia and entries are edited as needed. The delay in loading particular pages is due to them not being cached. Funny story: I discovered the speed difference while performing my own search. The Punisher (comic book character) was cached and edited, but Anno Domini was neither.

[1] It’s going to space. 

4 thoughts on “InfoGalactic Improves Your Digestive Mental Health!

  1. I don’t think it works that way. I think it’s just a simple caching issue. Pages that no one has touched aren’t cached so they’re slower to load. They did fork the entire English wikipedia.

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  3. You are right per the demo they did a while back. I had actually volunteered to help at the start but didn’t make the initial team. It is an interesting idea but it’s “killer feature” only becomes viable in Phase II and I have no idea how they are planning on pulling that off.

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