My Impetus for The WAN Group: The Gideons and David Suchet

I’m a sucker for British murder mysteries. In fact I will put up with a lot of dreck to get to the end and watch a detective give a fifteen minute explanation of how he solved the crime before arresting the criminal; who almost always goes into custody without a struggle, cuffs, or even argument. Streaming video allows one to binge-watch and therefore follow a show’s descent into PC/SJW madness–the dreck I mentioned.

One show which somewhat bucked that trend was Poirot. While every other British program was scrubbing Christianity from its scripts, Poirot pushed forward its title character’s Roman Catholicism. It turns out that in 1986 David Suchet, in a a hotel room, read St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans; probably from a Bible put there by The Gideons.[1] He started to become a Christian, and in 2007 was finally confirmed into the Church of England. Suchet so assumed the role of Poirot in the minds of its audience that its producers felt him indispensable. He used that leverage to have the writers include scenes such as Poirot reciting the Rosary, and arguing with himself about his personal judgments versus the pronouncements of the Roman Catholic Church.

We need more of that. We need men with a plan to sow improbable seeds, such as The Gideons. We need men with the nerve to use whatever power they have, in whatever sphere they inhabit, to bring Christ into the scene.

A lesser, but also important, point: I put it to you that this is more difficult for those who are conservative than for those not. Those depictions of Poirot practicing his faith aren’t in the books. Portraying them isn’t the traditional thing to do, and those who hate Christ and faith and hope and love are quick to use the conservative’s unease at bucking tradition, and convince them to surrender the high ground.

[1] Most reports say it was a Gideon’s Bible. One article I read wrote that Suchet had to call a store to get a Bible; like ordering porn. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised if an actor falls prey to embellishment now and again. But even in that telling Suchet said he went looking for a Gideon’s Bible before making a call. 

8 thoughts on “My Impetus for The WAN Group: The Gideons and David Suchet

  1. Addressing your last point, it is sometimes easy for Christians to forget that Christ and disciples really rocked the boat. They weren’t “conservative” at all. Nor were they “progressive” as the Left likes to claim. Rather, they stood outside history… on God’s side of the “aisle.”

  2. @DG

    Rather, they stood outside history… on God’s side of the “aisle.”

    Nailed it.

    In interviews of Suchet he often says that his first job as an actor is to be true to the writer. Just so.

  3. Let me know when they’re showing off Christian cultural symbols in France, Italy and Spain… Or Mexico. At least there is an evangelical-type movement growing in Brasil.


  4. @Donalgraeme

    ”They weren’t “conservative” at all. Nor were they “progressive” as the Left likes to claim. Rather, they stood outside history… on God’s side of the “aisle.””

    Its funny because as one who never changes due to his very being as the pinnacle of perfection he can be classified as the true “Conservative” yet as one who will truly bring about the eschaton can also be described as “Progressive” which really is only returning mankind to its original perfection as sinless Imago Dei and ascension into greater beings than they are now via Theosis(At least the saved portion). It is not for nothing that He is both Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, what is, what was and what is to be.

    Both the modern ”conservatives” and ”progressives” have had their taproot to Eden cut but God by his redemptive purpose will reconnect man with himself.

  5. @Cane Caldo
    ”I have a hope to see some great recognition and reconciliation between the churches; that the splits have been surgical.”

    The origin of the dispute is primarily theological and centrally it concerns the Gospel as well as the Supremacy of Scripture over unwritten tradition or its equality with unwritten tradition.

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