Cane’s Sportsball Survey

I am curious. Leave a comment saying whether you played any sports in high school, and if so which sport or sports. Something like:

HS Sports:Yes

Sports played: Baseball and basketball.


HS Sports: No

26 thoughts on “Cane’s Sportsball Survey

  1. HS sports: Yes.

    Track for four years. Can’t remember if my last year of basketball was eighth or ninth grade, so maybe that.

    Two weeks of football conditioning, then I quit to start a job instead. In hindsight that was a mistake, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  2. HS Sports: Yes

    Marching band. Judge it as you will, but it required extreme physical conditioning and military-like discipline. We didn’t get a letter for it, but it counted as PE.

  3. H.S. Pick-up games of basketball, American football, and soccer.

    By those years, playing street-hockey was already behind me.


  4. @ SubtleStuff

    Football and wrestling always seemed like a brutal combination to me. First, you try and get as big as you can for football, then you starve yourself to make weight for wrestling. Ouch!

  5. HS; football, wrestling, powerlifting, boxing and kick boxing when it wasn’t football or wrestling season

    Also competed as an adult at various points

  6. HS Sports: Yes

    Sports Played: Cross-Country, Track, and my senior year Lacrosse.

    (I love telling people I played lacrosse. I’m 5’6″ and it was full contact, meaning you got creamed a lot. The look on people’s faces is always fun.)

  7. I was on the “weight team” in high school, shotput and discus. I didn’t do all that well, but it was somewhat worthwhile.

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  9. As in the official teams? No. Wasn’t allowed by my parents for religious concerns. Desperately wanted to join tennis though because my friends played and tried to recruit me (I’d embarrass myself now).

    Enjoyed a lot of football for recess play. Couldn’t catch or throw well but was for my age a little on the bigger side and played with SE Asians…so linebacker.

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