Real Talk on Traditionalism

If you’re going to make the case for some form of Traditionalism: What you cannot do is make the case that Traditionalism works to keep you, or your family, temporally happy, safe, wealthy, or in any other desirable state. There are so few Traditionalists that to judge its success by material fruits is to admit defeat. To trumpet an earthly bounty from Traditionalism is to wholly discredit yourself. Whatever earthly desires you think you can satisfy with Traditionalism will be put to shame by the proceeds of Modernism.

12 thoughts on “Real Talk on Traditionalism

  1. Ain’t that the truth. If it were about seeking personal happiness and not about commitment to Truth, I would have been divorced 25 years ago. My family has counselled me to leave her and think I’m crazy for staying, because in their minds happiness is the highest goal.

  2. I’m a fan of Jordan Peterson. I’ll be a bigger fan when he confesses that Christ is the myth for which we’ve been looking; that it matters that Christ is fully historical.

  3. C.C.,

    It amounts to a very wonky version of ecumenism—you had it right before…


  4. Oh, I meant traditionalism.

    I thought he—Dr Peterson—supported Christianity at least on a philosophical level quite well when he was on Mr Molyneux’s programme… I follow the doctor a little bit but mostly only because he seems determined to push back in his own way against Political Correctness on campus—albeit in Canada.

    As far as news and political events, I’m hoping to see that President Trump has really opened the gates as far as getting “school choice” which means that students will go to the better disciplined Christian schools, and also a repeal of the President Johnson bill which hindered freely speaking from the pulpits, as was a policy oft-mentioned on the campaign trail.

  5. Intresting to see the end game on your traditional posts

    Again to me, it’s to large and open ended of a question to have any real answer

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  7. I say just the opposite. This circle of the internet we inhabit is an interesting but endless parsing of theory. Traditionalism IS working for me and my family right now. I’m married. I have authority in my home. My wife and kids are happy, sane, and not degenerate and these things cant help but bear fruits in the next generation. I don’t know if any of this is going to save Western civilization but then again its quite likely that history is just going to happen no matter what we think or do. Any desires I have that need to be satisfied my modernism are likely high time preference desires working against my long term satisfaction. But your comment is brief, perhaps I misunderstand you.

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