Choose the Battlefield Wisely

The answer–the right warfare against Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Feminists, Democrats–is to put Christ first. The wrong answer is to put anything else first. I said that these groups are against:

  1. Christians
  2. Whites
  3. Men
  4. America (in combination of 1-3)

and that is true. But there are several reasons not to put energy into pro-white movements, or even pro-male movements. The first and most important reason is that Christ is king and lord of all. We are to serve Him in all things we do, and (amazingly, I think) Christ has provided ways for us to serve Him first in all things we do.

The second reason is that we should never let the enemy choose the terrain of the battles; especially when our combatants are so outnumbered. That is when choice of terrain is most vital for victory. So we rightly should counter invasions on whiteness or manhood with counterattacks from Christ; not because we don’t care about whites or men, but because we need to attack from a position of strength. Nothing is stronger than Christ, whose victory is assured. Not only that, but they neither believe nor understand their own motivations and their own spiritual state–or even nature. This makes an attack launched from a Christ-centered force powerful because it is their weak spot.

So what does this look like in practice? That means to put Christians first for Christian reasons. This is something we have taken for granted. The strength of early America wasn’t “Americanism”. The goodness and truth of the founding documents, to the extent that they are good and true,  don’t make appeal to their own goodness, but to the goodness of God and His natural order. The rights of freedom of speech[1], association, etc. are not predicated on either blood or soil, but on the belief that they are God-given.

So, for example: We should counter pagan attacks on Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-A, Catholic hospitals, bakers, and florists not on the defensive grounds of freedom of speech, nor freedom of association, nor freedom of religion, nor the whiteness of the staff; but on the counter-offensive terms that they are brothers and sisters in Christ who are upholding the God-ordained natural order. We don’t “pray those poor people are ok” (though we do pray for them), we make it our business to help them be victorious even at our own cost, and that we offer up those sacrifices for Christ’s glory. We do not offer them for freedom of speech or even religion.

This doesn’t mean we “forget” that we are American, our political traditions, or forget our ethnicity. It means we put them into submission into their rightful place, and by so doing make them worthy. It means we volunteer to suffer in the earthly and unworthy things–whether it is money, glory, status, or even blood–as Christ volunteered to suffer all those things for us so that we could inherit eternal riches and glory, and that we do so for the same reasons.

[1] I do believe these freedoms are real, God-given, and should be protected by a just and wise government. Perhaps I’ll write about that in another post.

9 thoughts on “Choose the Battlefield Wisely

  1. “… we make it our business to help them be victorious even at our own cost, and that we offer up those sacrifices for Christ’s glory.”

    What does victory look like in this case?

  2. First, Jesus Christ is Lord. Either we submit to him or we don’t.

    Related to the OP–catering to women is pedestalizing femininity. One thing Christians ought not do is cater to women because it’s idolatry.

  3. @Oscar

    What does victory look like in this case?

    I didn’t get your question at first, but after some thought: probably my singular usage of “victory” was misleading.

    It looks like helping these individual cases to win individual victories. The really long war, the ultimate war, belongs to Christ. We know that. The long war–but not the ultimate war–we don’t know. America make crumble into dust under the weight of its sinners. But we can have tactical and even strategic victories of individual battles.

    Most of the efforts required will depend on the circumstances; give money or business, volunteer, hiring, etc. The one consistent effort needed is to communicate to them and everyone else that our response is founded in our faith in Christ and His teachings, rather than on grounds of freedom of religion or whathaveyou.

    That may not be the best tactic for lawyers who represent victims of anti-Christian crimes. They may need to plead freedom of religion just as St. Paul claimed his Roman status in Acts 22.

  4. @ Cane

    That’s a thorough answer. I’m not sure if anyone’s done this yet, but it would be great to have a crowd funding platform for this purpose. One that is not subject to pagan political correctness.

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