Her Buck Stops Here

Modified slightly from a comment I made at Scott’s American Dad Web.

I am convinced that if a man wants his sons to enjoy exclusively male spaces and times, then he must set them now in a way which will seem arbitrary and even unfair to his modern and permissive self who just wants to be loved by his little girl.

And he needs to learn to be fine with his decisions as just and good; despite his feelings, or the feelings of others. He needs to accept that sometimes he must just say, “Nope, sorry honey, but that is a man’s business. It’s not because you might get hurt, or because you’re incapable, or because you’ll be frightened. It’s simply that you aren’t a man.” This will need to be done at relatively mundane times and events if he is to teach his children to respect and honor each sex, without rancor, according to their different natures.

We have tried the other way, and now females are on submarines, on the front lines, in football locker rooms, in the hunting party, and everywhere. These pressures are still out there in the world, and will sometimes effect our children, and we’ll have to respond to them. If your son grows up and complains that his hunting buddy wants to bring his girlfriend, what can you say? If your son asks to bring his own wife on your hunting trip, what will you say?

Will he reply, “Well, you took my sister hunting. What’s the big deal? It’s no different.”

4 thoughts on “Her Buck Stops Here

  1. Okay I think I get it now.

    Your proposal is much bigger and broader than I was grasping. It is a revolution, even though a short time ago it was a small thing and perfectly normal, not at all revolutionary, as you pointed out on Scott’s blog.

    For some, maybe many men, this would mean war on the homefront. In many ways it would be war for the men least qualified to fight it. I’m picturing currently married family men, themselves raised in an ever more feminist society, probably a blue pill, or beta, or good church man, or choose some vernacular from the sphere designating a man accustomed to placating a wife and/or daughters so that he will have peace. His first fight will be against himself. After that it will be against nearly everybody.

    I started out that way but am taking pains to educate myself and break free from it. It’s a process to undo decades of conditioning. May younger men get the word early and set up correct parameters from the start. I can at least assist with that by sharing what I learn.

  2. Went to a friend’s church for a “men’s wild game dinner.” There were at least 20 females there of various ages. Now, they didn’t stand out much. 20 females, 400 males. But we can’t say, “The women can’t come to the men’s wild game dinner.”

  3. @ys

    Exactly. And it’s just true that only one woman in a group of men changes the course of events and conversation, and vice versa.

    Whoa, that just inspired a new line of thought.

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