Either Way My Job is the Same

Vox Day writes in The Black Art of the Deal:

Remember, the usual Trump method is one step back, two steps forward. If this pattern prevails, the next two steps forward should be magnificent. Don’t count the man out until he is actually out. That’s not mindless optimism talking, but rather, the voice of an experience recalling how this game has played out before.

Trump can probably survive caving on DACA if he actually gets the Big Beautiful Wall built. But if he thinks he can play the conventional Republican game of “hey, we got a bipartisan deal” in lieu of delivering on his primary campaign promises, he is going to be surprised at how fast his support melts away.

For the sake of argument I’ll assume Vox is right, and “The Black Art of the Deal” is played one step back and then two steps forward. The assumption here is that leaving DACA in place is the step back, and building the wall is two steps forward. “The Deal” is “Immigration Enforcement”.

But what if “The Deal” was “Trump’s Aggrandizement via Election”? Then the one step back was lying to Americans, and Trump’s two steps forward are embrace and praise from the establishment.

8 thoughts on “Either Way My Job is the Same

  1. No, the wall plus the REACT change in immigration, plus not allowing anchor babies of nonpermanent residents of citizens would be worth it.
    The trick for Trump is to get the Wall+REACT+etc. first, then do a restricted DACA that makes citizenship slow and done under the REACT requirements (so every Mexican dreamer will insure one Mexican can’t come in under the REACT quotas)

  2. I wonder if he could even get the embrace and praise from the establishment.

    It’s just as likely it will be portrayed as a battle victory by the left. “See? we defeated him on this”. “keep up the resistance people, we are winning!”

  3. The Left and the Republican establishment will hate trump virulently no matter what he does. I thought he was smart enough to see that. I guess we’ll see.

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