Not to Mention Practice for Divorce

Dating is a form of courtship. Courtship is the courter’s act of seeking the intent to marry from the courted. Therefore any dating which is not directed towards marriage is fraud, at best. Therefore any dating before an appropriate age to marry (whatever age that is) is fraud, at best.

So, what I want to know is: How many of those who say women should graduate college before they marry, or say women should reach the perfect mean age of marriage before they marry, forbid dating before that moment?

3 thoughts on “Not to Mention Practice for Divorce

  1. Exactly. This is something I have spoken with some of the parents at my parish, and a few are in agreement, believe it or not. Of course, that is only some.

  2. I encourage my teenage boys to hang out with girls in group settings. As they get older and take interest in any young woman, they should follow whatever rules her father sets.

    There is no commitment before “betrothal.” Avoid dating one girl exclusively, going steady, or being “in a relationship” until you are pursuing marriage.

  3. I told my kids from when they were young that dating is to establish the suitability of that person for marriage. My eldest is 21, has turned her back on the church, and I have no legal way to influence her behavior. I suspect if her mother hadn’t decided we weren’t going to be married anymore and went whoring, we’d have had more ability to influence her, and things might be different.

    Still, I do what I can.

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