Driving Miss Crazy

A man is driving a car with a woman beside him when suddenly she grabs the wheel and tells him it’s dangerous for a passenger to drive at such high speed. A short time later she curses him for a weak right foot while she steers; the jerk was on the gas when his hands were on the wheel!

Who should be held responsible for the safe operation of the car?

5 thoughts on “Driving Miss Crazy

  1. The man in the driver’s seat. But if she keeps grabbing the wheel, the only way to operate the car safely is to pull over and kick her out. That’s not allowed.

  2. The man will be handed the responsibility no matter where he is sitting or what she is doing if the car fails for whatever reason to arrive at its destination on time.

    That’s a patriarchy car where the woman has to reach over and grab the controls.

    The complementarian car leaves the man in the traditional driver’s seat, but the passenger seat also comes with a steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake pedal. The Cop will be walking up to the driver’s side door regardless.

    Be safe out there!

    (This really happens. One of my bothers-in-law has been the man that had his wife reach over and grab the wheel from him. And not a one time event. I think she’s better now.)

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