Getting Away with Divorce

Recently, Chasity Dawn Carey, a 42-year old bail bondswoman in Oklahoma was acquitted of first degree murder. Last year she lured her client Brandon Williams back to her office by offering to buy his car for her son. Here’s what happened.

Woman sets up shop to attract lawbreaking men. She gives them time and money in an attempt to extract the same at a later date, but with interest. This lawless man didn’t giver her what she wanted so under false pretenses she lured him into another agreement. Then she springs the trap to get him do surrender to her. She wants her child to actually put on the cuffs–to be the restraining factor–while she scolds away.

The lawless man, which she repeatedly set out to attract, was much bigger and stronger than her, but he didn’t use his superiority. Instead he tried to escape without harming her. While the man was utterly defenseless the woman shot him in the back and he died. Her son was the most traumatized by the violence, but the woman was convinced the justice system would hold her guiltless.

A jury of her peers (society) excused the killing as self-defense because the woman lied that she had been attacked, and because the man was bigger and stronger and so he could have hurt her. It seemed better to them that she shot him even though he didn’t actually abuse her.

It is like an interpretive film of divorce in America.

(Hat-tip: infowarrior1)

(Updated to better reflect the son’s role in this interpretive drama.)

(UPDATE II This post might be confusing. Hopefully this helps unlock the metaphor I mean to convey: I interpret the bail-jumper as a husband who sins in a typical, low-level, way; sinful, but he’s not “jumped bail” on murder charges before returning to his wife (a bail-bondswoman.))

8 thoughts on “Getting Away with Divorce

  1. Sad story… Was she acquitted because he already had a record?
    Also, the title seems misleading. What is the connection to divorce?

  2. @Wayne

    No, she was acquitted because she said she was scared of him as he tried to jump out of a third story window.

    In the previous post the authors I rebutted made a great deal of hay about violence being divorce; which is a false distraction from the real marital problems suffered in our churches, and larger society.I have treated this news story as if it were an allegory to marriage and divorce in America.

    Every man is a sinner, and so in that way lawless. We excuse excessive use of divorce for the same reasons Chasity Dawn Carey was excused of murder. Notice:

    -her age
    -her appearance (dress, hair, weight)
    -the gender of her job
    -how she goes about getting her way
    -who she expects to do what during the encounter
    -how she thinks each person should act
    -what she pleads as her defense

    …it’s all there. She is a perfect profile of the modern divorcee.

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  4. One of the most depressing videos/stories I have seen/read for a long while.
    And that’s saying something.
    Please God, burn it all down, soon.

  5. > Also, the title seems misleading. What is the connection to divorce?

    Wife: “I want a divorce to protect myself from my abusive husband”

    Non-abusive Husband: “What?”

    *Wife “shoots” husband with divorce and everyone applauds it as self-defense*

  6. The metaphor you had going aside, which was good and all,
    how did this woman walk? Self-defense? If this video was part of the trial evidence, I don’t know how that decision is possible. She was cold as ice while she did what she did (which fits your metaphor well also).

  7. The jury saw the video. Chasity Dawn Carey testified that Brandon James Williams attacked her, tried to get the gun, and that she feared for her life–that it was self-defense. The jury literally disregarded their own lying eyes because she claimed to be scared of a man.

    Her defense attorney blames the prosecutor for trying her for murder instead of first degree manslaughter, and that Carey says that Williams tried to get the gun. The video disproves that, but, hey, a female victims should be believed!

    If it matters, the actual victim, Williams, was wanted for burglary and possession of marijuana. The window through which he tried to escape was on the 3rd floor. You can check out the Google Streetview of the building: Signature Bailbonds 116 W 7th Ave. Stillwater, OK. Now its renamed Cowboy Bailbonds.

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