Anything Without a Head is Either Dead or a Monster

I am for fathers and fatherhood. That does not mean I am for any father for me, or for my kids. Nor am I for just anyone fathering, or claiming fatherhood. No one questions this. Everyone not an SJW understands it.

Likewise: Just because I am for authoritarianism, and just because I believe that authoritarianism is the reality of all political arrangements, and just because I see that it has been hidden under a garbage heap of lies in a contextual-less world of a long-overthrown and subjugated Europe: It does not follow that I am for just any kind of authoritarianism, or just any authoritarian. I’m not. I want good ones. We need them if we are going to defeat the post-modernists, cultural marxists, BLM, AntiFa, and the rest of the Eloist-Morlockian Alliance that Rules our Necropolis. What they have going for them, which we do not, are leaders. We don’t have leaders because the few with the gumption lack the resources. Those with the resources lack the gumption. And both can see that most of us aren’t worth leading since we categorically refuse to be under authority on the basis of a glamor of liberty which we do not actually possess. Above all, those with the gumption and resources do not themselves disbelieve the spell.

Whatever can’t go on forever, won’t; so the saying goes. But the things with a head go on longer, and get more done. Without a head, a thing can’t even make plans for the day. Two-headed bodies are either tragedies or abominations.

13 thoughts on “Anything Without a Head is Either Dead or a Monster

  1. @CoRP

    Some moderate consumption of alcohol for starters. Other than that I’d have to have more information about the particulars of the problem.

  2. This is an important ability: to see where the other factions are getting their queues from. After a while, it’s hard to ignore other groups succeeding in places that are supposed to be the domain of your group.

    Thankfully, I believe I’m part of the right kind of group, just discriminating and demanding enough so that there aren’t too many weak links. A lot of it has to do with the correct theology, future projections, and liturgy. It feels good to turn away from those chronically getting it wrong, the more to promote and support those getting it right.


  3. Actually, I think that this blog is a pretty good recruiting tool for Protestant religion.

  4. malcolm:
    Five year before he crosses the Tiber.

    Nah, it should be 10 years after the corpse is thrown into the Tiber at the Cadaver Synod.

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  7. I see the other side as a mass of mind-numb robots. They are individuals only in what pop icons they faint over. You-tube is filled with examples of man-on-the-street interviews asking them to explain their positions. They are mind-numb and other than some Utopian, inexplicable feelings about their dream world, where everything is fair, and nothing is unfair, they are unable to articulate anything reasonable. This all adds up to make them easy to lead and manipulate. Those of us who oppose them are different. We are, for the most part, thoughtful, and difficult to manipulate. But those strengths become liabilities in the political arena. It’s virtually impossible to corral a meaningful number of us into a mass large enough to effect change. Factions peal off left and right on account of every conceivable difference of opinion.

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