Pulpit and Pen is on the Case

I had talked myself into digging deeper into the machinations to bring down Paige Patterson as a manufactured #MeToo event, but Pulpit and Pen are already on it. Praise God, because I am neither talented for nor inclined towards the task. Read the latest there and do follow the links in the article.

What I would like to know is: How involved was J.D. Greear and his faction?

16 thoughts on “Pulpit and Pen is on the Case

  1. Unfortunately, the source totally discredits the article. Pulpit & Pen are both the dumbest and most vitriolic Calvinists I’ve run across. And that’s saying a lot.

  2. Vitriolic Calvinist is redundant. I’ve been blocked by P&P and JD Hall. He is doing a lot of good research and putting things together. However, he is a complete jerk in how he writes, interacts online, and with what he does in person. He discredits himself on incredibly minor issues.

    A few years ago he got into a major dispute with James white, tom buck, and dragged Phil Johnson into it. JD never repented for what he did.

    Until someone with more credibility and integrity comes along, pulpit and pen is the best we hve

  3. James White hasn’t gone to his (ahem) Eternal Reward yet?

    Maybe he and P&P can get together and totally alienate the few non-Calvinists they haven’t reached on the planet yet.

  4. “How involved was J.D. Greear and his faction?’

    This is the real story of interest. Patterson has been vanquished and is already old news whether he eventually wins a settlement or not.

    Greear now presides over the SBC and promises an agenda of, among other things, more prominence for women.

    You pointed out that fully 1/4 of the signers of the letter rebuking Patterson were from the Greear churches. This letter has become associated either intentionally or coincidentally with the Beth Moore missive “to my brothers” of early May. A one-two punch, or package deal if you like, that brought forth much apologizing and soul searching on the part of Baptist pastors everywhere (and many others esp. evangelicals) and was no doubt a significant factor in SBC voting at election time.

    Geear churches accord women wide leeway, bordering on unrestrained, with evidence provided by the church lady produced and performed videos you’ve linked on this blog. Into the bargain, these videos are Beth Moore approved and she provides a cameo appearance.

    There’s an old saying about men like me and our tinfoil lined hats. There’s also an old saying about where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  5. I’ve only followed P&P recently, but I’ve read that JD Hall has problems getting along with guys who agree with him about 98% of the time on theological issues. That said, he’s doing great work that no one else is on Patterson and other issues (Ron “Thabiti” Burns, Kyle Howard–who’s even worse than Thabiti, Soros and others funding Russell Moore and the new “woke” progressivism in the SBC, PCA, etc.). Like Lexet Blog said, it’s the best source we have until someone else is willing to do the research.

  6. @MKT, Orthros & Lexet

    I’ve only followed P&P recently, but I’ve read that JD Hall has problems getting along with guys who agree with him about 98% of the time on theological issues.

    So he’s a Protestant in the tradition of Luther and Calvin…

  7. “So he’s a Protestant in the tradition of Luther and Calvin…”

    Yeah, and I’ve seen this phenomenon elsewhere: parts of the alt-right, some hard-core libertarians, many Calvinist sub-groups–especially Reconstructionists. It happens in some leftist groups, too, but they understand “divide and conquer” better than we do. I’m still surprised the #neverTrumpers didn’t prevent the Donald from getting elected.

  8. I suppose a good thing to ask would be what concrete actions or quotes might suggest, or hint, that Mr Greear’s people in particular were working to remove Mr Patterson.

  9. I enjoyed this podcast by the P&P guy (JD) and another pastor:

    They’re talking about a new book called “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by Aimee Byrd. Byrd travels in conservative Reformed circles yet writes stuff like this:

    Her new book is a reaction to the Pence Rule and “purity culture.” She claims Christian men and women should have intimate, sibling-like relationships with each other. According to her, women may not have all of their non-sexual needs by their husbands, so they can have deep relationships and lunch (non?)dates with other Christian men. What could go wrong?

    J.D. makes a strong case for weaknesses of both men and women, but he’s refreshingly equal opportunity. He talks about women having sinfully intimate (though not sexual) relationships with each other: BFFs who share secrets, bash husbands and get close and clingy to a creepy extent. What other pastors say this stuff?

    He also discusses the friend zone, and says it’s a shame when Hollywood (the “men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way” line in When Harry Met Sally) is more theologically accurate than the modern church.

  10. MKT:

    SO, presumably, Ms. Byrd has no problem with married men developing close friendships, deep relationships, and lunch dates with women other than their wives.

  11. Deti, right. But if something does happen, it’s because the men weren’t taught, indoctrinated and shamed enough.

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