The History of Cheerleaders, the Future of America

Originally, cheerleaders were men.

jimmy stewart cheerleader

That’s Jimmy Stewart and his cheer squad, third from the right. Notice the terms: “leader”, and, “team”, and “squad”. These are manly terms. Notice the dress: pants, shirts, sweaters, ties.  Manly dress.

In 1923, at the University of Minnesota, women were admitted into cheerleading. I’m sure they asked themselves, “What could be the harm? Technically, women can cheer… I’m sure it will be fine.”

Then, in the 1940s, women came to dominate cheerleading because the men were away being toxic. When they came back, efforts were made to restore order to cheerleading, but women protested.

By 1960, cheerleading was seen as predominantly a girl thing, and for effeminate men. At the same time, the uniforms began to become less formal…and to shrink. Today, the “far-right moral position” on cheerleading is that it should be reserved for girls (who  only pretend to be sluts) as nature intended. In the future, conservative won’t even notice this.

9 thoughts on “The History of Cheerleaders, the Future of America

  1. “They are intelligent; They are eloquent; They like guys even more than we do; They are more than qualified to be LA Rams cheerleaders”

    Watching her while the guys were talking, with her forced grimace and frequent glances downward, was priceless.

  2. And now female cheerleaders in skimpy uniforms, having got everything they wanted, are proof of patriarchal oppression. The fans make it worse by sexually objectifying them. And worse still by just watching the game, i.e., failing to sexually objectify them.

  3. What does it look like to create or restore new male spaces? Should these be Christian only or, more broadly, men only?

  4. We need both, and we Christian men should be members of both. But we need to start with Christian-men-only spaces first.

    I wonder who would scream loudest at the exclusion of women from these new male-only spaces: “Christian” women, or their overtly feminist non-believing sisters?

  5. @Doc H.

    What does it look like to create or restore new male spaces?

    I know how to keep women out–I tell them to go, or stay, away. But I do not know how to find men who are interested, or who are also willing to tell their women to go away.

    Should these be Christian only or, more broadly, men only?

    “Can two walk together except that they agree?” My arguments for the segregation of men from women (for appropriate reasons, times, and, places; not altogether) are religious and moral in nature. If a Non-Christian agreed to be bound by a group’s Christian rules then…maybe, but probably not.

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