One thought on “In the Meanwhile

  1. Cain, thanks for sharing this article. It’s a good read.

    “Bancroft also works in these grooves when he says “Interference with your freedom or independence is abuse. If he… discourages you from pursuing your dreams… he is trying to undermine your independence”

    If we were talking about a government tamping down on individual freedoms, then I would totally agree. But marriage is not about freedom and independence. If it is (for certain individuals), then it is destined to be a tumultuous battle of the wills. One important ingredient of a good marriage is for the husband to play the role of a head, and the wife to play the role of a helper. People need to face this fact upon entering into a marriage and take responsibility for themselves. If they cannot, then they are not ready for (or worthy of) marriage. In sum, feminist women are not worthy of marriage, but we already know that.

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