Updating the Blogroll

I need to update the blogroll for a couple reasons. First, it’s out of date. Second, I’m going to re-start using it as my reader. I’ve gotten away from that over the years so the section title “Blogs I Read” is misleading and needs to be corrected.

If you have a suggestion for a blog I should be reading (even if it’s your own), post the address in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Updating the Blogroll

  1. Rotten Chestnuts is one that I spent a couple of weeks catching up on when I first discovered it. It’s semi-redpilled writing by a would-be academic, and I, a would-be intellectual and student-of-everything, find it entertaining.

    I’ve also enjoyed White Sun of the Desert by one Tim Newman. He’s an English or Australian expat oilman who writes a lot about work in Africa and other parts.

    Kirk Forlatt (a former pastor) writes an infrequent and highly profane blog that is nonetheless enjoyable to me, a disaffected evangelical, and his post “Wives, Cuck Your Husbands in Church” continues to be a touchstone for me.

    I’ve been contemplating my own blog a long time, and am still not sure, when I pull the trigger, whether I should publish it as Caspar (supposedly one of the three kings), as my meatspace self, or under another as yet uninvented nom de guerre.

  2. This is not really related to your particular mission but you would probably find the Castalia House blog and Superversive SF of interest.

    I’m busy and don’t blog as much as I would like but when I do write it’s mostly over there.

  3. I was hoping the Christian Manosphere can bring the fight eventually to youtube or even an app platform. Blogs really don’t get anywhere near the publicity needed to tip the scales

  4. Caspar, Rotten Chestnuts is good. “Who questions the questers?” stuff. Thanks for recommending it.

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  6. It would require someone who wouldn’t be fired for being public with their beliefs in order to do a YouTube. Maybe we could band together under one larger website, where we could post our content, and perhaps do mixed media.

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