More Worthless than an Unrighteous Judge

BillyS writes:

No, modern society is undermining even the women it claims to support by letting them get out of the consequences of almost every one of their bad choices (when it can be shifted to a man instead).

You cannot hold anyone responsible for protecting another if you don’t give him control over that other person. Or technically you can, but the consequence is that you make it impossible for things to ever work.

Churches need to do their job better for sure, but it is working against a culture that promotes the opposite. That is missing from your post.

I agree that women are undermined by modern society and its culture. The first thing I want to point out though is that to talk about modern society and the culture is to talk about the same thing. But that thing isn’t a delineated and sentient forces separate from us. It’s just a shorthand way of talking about the aggregate of our individual choices.

What I did in the last paragraph of the post BillyS commented upon:

 When I think about our American society and how it treats women, I have to conclude that civil government is too permissive, but overall they still uphold their God-ordained mandate to protect (among others) women and their rights. It’s the churches which have failed to teach and discipline Christian men and women towards their Biblical responsibilities. It wasn’t required.

was separate the aggregate into two general groups of authority in America (civil authorities and church authorities), and make a judgment on my observations of them as the operate within their respective spheres.

We can know who is in authority by who we seek out. When a significant crime is committed against Christians we still call the police and follow trials. We still go to city hall to get building permits. We petition that our taxes be used to fix roads, fight fires, and all those things that are part of civic life. When push comes to shove, we still believe in the civil authorities of this world because they continue to demonstrate general competency and–importantly–the will to keep society going.

But increasingly Christians don’t go to church because we have observed that the church doesn’t practice authority over much other than pep talks, daycare, strenuous vacations, and busywork. We don’t go there to get rulings, wisdom, justice, or any of the fruits of authority.

8 thoughts on “More Worthless than an Unrighteous Judge

  1. Good point on authority. I have not found an answer as to why Christians should, in this age, file civil marriage certificates

  2. I am not sure if you were challenging what I said, but I do take issue with you saying that government today is supporting civilization. It does uphold some things, but it is like a car running on gas fumes. Not much left and the future doesn’t look good, even if the fumes may last far longer than seems likely.

    Modern government is undermining the family. We still have some obligations to it of course, as even pagan Rome was held as something to obey, but it is undermining its own job to oppose evil and instead actively fomenting it. That means the current government isn’t long for this world, even if it stretches out for several centuries as the Roman Empire did.

  3. Note that none of this negates what churches should be doing. Few to none are taking a stand on key Biblical things and that is a major issue as well.

    I would generally hold the church more accountable, since we have the Scriptures, but giving government a blank check is not right either.

  4. @BillyS

    Modern government is undermining the family.

    Agreed, but it remains that you can at least appeal to the government for redress of grievances. Even if they don’t rule in your favor, at least they don’t pretend that they don’t have authority to rule. Churches don’t even attempt to exercise authority.

    Let’s accept your premise that the civil government is only running on fumes. What I am saying is that the engines of the churches are not only out of gas, but also completely seized up. They haven’t run for decades, and they have no intention of ever running again.

  5. Cane
    The one issue I have is that morality is something that is informed by your religious convictions. The civil authorities still have some thin basis of addressing grievances because rhey still have some slim basic foundation in natural law and a loose understanding/recognition of Christ’s authority. The more they loose sight of that, the less they’ll be able to do so.

    To continue using your analogy; when the engine siezed up, they got out and walked into the wilderness. It’s only a matter of time before the Beast claims them if someone doesn’t get the engine running again and use a staff and rod to get them back into the vehicle.

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