Gimme a Second!

This is a filler post to let y’all know I haven’t gone away or lost the thread. I’ll write DoW III this weekend or early next week. Right now I’m hunting for a new job and also working on my beloved Excursion; which nears a score of years in age and needs some lovin’.

12 thoughts on “Gimme a Second!

  1. Thanks Okrahead. I could use it. I’m still working and we more than pay our bills. The goal is to get going towards a goal; if you follow.

  2. Biggest, baddest SUV ever. So jealous of you. Have to haul my large brood around in a passenger van.

  3. There used to be a company that made 4th row passenger seats for them but I think they went out of business.

  4. Excursions are great for the interior room and for hauling, y’know. Can’t get them anymore so you gotta keep the one you got running.

  5. @ Bruce

    Have to haul my large brood around in a passenger van.

    Dude; what kind ya got? I have a 12-passenger Sprinter, but now that I have a household of 13 (including my mom, and disabled older brother), even that’s too small!

    Fortunately, my oldest daughters are driving now.

  6. Oscar,
    We have an 11 passenger E-350 – not ours – it’s a leased van but we use it on weekends to haul our family of 11.

    There’s a ton of E-350s out there – they’ve been making them forever and they tend to run a very long time – many hundreds of thousands of miles is common.

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