Homefront Tactics Roundtable II: Your Mother and Stepfather and Thanksgiving

Your mother and father divorced when you were young. She married another man sometime later, but there wasn’t much if anything you could do about it. You didn’t even know there could be a problem from a Biblical perspective.

You are grown and learned and you have decided to accept the Bible’s teaching on marriage and remarriage. Now it is Thanksgiving, and your mother and step-father have invited the whole family over for Thanksgiving.

What do you do?

Homefront Tactics Roundtable I: Your Sister Divorced Her Husband

We needs solutions and I have top-notch commentors on Christian family life. I have an idea.

Your sister divorced her husband.

He was shiftless; quick to relax, slow to work and often slow to replace a lost job. An apathetic father, he didn’t discipline their two children much, but he didn’t abuse them either. Your sister was safe from him as well since his response to conflict was to go watch television in another room.

What do you do?

Edited to add: I should clarify that I’m not asking for a prediction. I don’t want to know what you think you would do. I want to know what you think a man should do.